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3 Simple Ways to Cope with the Winter Blues



With the holidays long gone and warmer weather still more than a month away, it’s easier than ever for the winter blues to hit. While not everyone suffers from seasonal affective disorder, it’s hard to deny that all of us can feel a bit down during these snowy, cold, and dark months. Suffering from the winter blues can trickle into your workday and job performance. We’ve rounded up three ways to keep your spirits high while in the workplace!

Improve Physical Surroundings

0940D970-1559-4556-AF50-3AC31E390980Photo from this article, which provides many affordable light lamp options 

Your physical workspace can have a huge impact on how you feel. Switching up elements in the office is a quick and easy fix to feeling better. The first thing that anyone will recommend for curing winter blues is incorporating light therapy. You can purchase light boxes that simulate the feeling of the sun, therefore boosting your mood. If you’re in a private space, bring in an essential oil diffuser. Many oil blends can help reinvigorate you and invoke calm and happy feelings.

Ensure you’re in a space that receives natural light, provides some degree of a view, and is centrally located. Taking time in the dark to commute only contributes to seasonal sadness, so it’s important to try and be in a workspace that is convenient and in a great neighborhood.

You can also create a warmer environment in your space through personal touches. Print family photos to display, bring in a weighted or heated blanket, or hang a bright piece of art on the walls.

Set Realistic Expectations

Cut yourself some slack! Many people are too hard on themselves with their jobs- and if you’re already feeling down, it’s easy to spiral into negative thoughts around your work performance. Focus on things you do well and keep a list of small daily wins. We promise that you’re doing better than you think!

In months where going to work feels like a chore, it’s important to set realistic expectations for yourself. Concentrate on what needs to be accomplished on a daily + weekly basis. Thinking too far ahead can make even the simplest task overwhelming. Make a list each morning and work through action items one by one. Try not to overcommit yourself- by focusing on the basics of your job, things will slowly start to feel less daunting.

Try Something New

AD6E976E-5DEF-43E8-AB10-5D3332120B62Fitness center at AdvantEdge downtown filled with the latest equipment

Trying something new is a simple way to feel happier! At work, this can manifest in many different ways. Switch up your lunch by checking out a new food truck, fast-casual joint, or make that appealing meal prep recipe that you’ve been eyeing on Instagram. During that lunch break, listen to a new audiobook, do a crossword puzzle, or read the newspaper. Scrolling through social media is often the last thing we need when feeling down. You can also try to incorporate movement! If your space provides a gym or classes, be sure to take advantage of the access.

During the season, above all else, it’s important to listen to your body. Check-in with yourself daily, and practice small forms of self-care. Take advantage of all your workspace has to offer- and if there isn’t much, consider taking the leap into a shared workspace today!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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