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10 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Workspace


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Although the air may still be cold, spring is undoubtedly upon us. It’s the season of renewal, but also the season of renewing your spaces. Yup, we’re talking about the dreaded spring cleaning. Spring cleaning shouldn’t exclusively exist in your home. This season is the perfect time to declutter all aspects of your life- especially spaces were you spend a lot of time, like the office. Your workspace deserves the same treatment as your kitchen or bedroom. With this ultimate checklist, your workspace will be renewed in no time!

1. Sort through paper piles. Stacks of paper look bad and make it hard to find things. Invest in some file folders, grab a recycling bin, and you’ll be ready to get rid of those pesky stacks.

2. Consolidate and categorize. Once the papers are organized, take it a step further and create folders based on what stages those papers are in, such as “to read” or “needs a signature”.

3. Use the “4-month” rule. If you have not used something in your office in the past four months, you probably won’t be using it anytime soon. Either toss or donate any items that take up valuable space.

4. Go green! April is also home to Earth Day. Honor our planet and add a recycling bin and donation bin to your space. Throughout the year you will be more inclined to dispose of stuff properly instead of sending everything to a landfill.


5. Create a cleaning kit. Use an old bag to store small versions of the basics: Clorox wipes, screen cleaner, and anything else you need. That way big versions aren’t bogging down your space and anytime you think of cleaning you will have things on hand.

6. Only keep what you need at an arm’s length. Too many things around you cause distractions and a chaotic atmosphere.


7. Divide your space up. Take those non-essential items and create different workspaces within your own office. Maybe you need a snack corner or a printing area- either way, giving those items their own space will help you stay organized and on task.

8. Clear that junk drawer! Everyone has one, but when they get messy things get lost and they lose their purpose. Use small organizers or recycle small cardboard from the office to create organized spaced within the drawer.

9. Clean your computer. This is probably the last thing you’re thinking of but chances are your electronics are long overdue for some TLC. Spritz down your screen with a cleanser and use a cleaning gel dust remover to get out all the gunk from your keyboard.

10. Hit refresh on your inbox and desktop. People likely spend most of their day on their computer, so why shouldn’t it get the same treatment as your physical space? Transform a cluttered desktop by transferring files onto an external hard drive or creating simple folders like “2017 work” to clear up space. For your inbox, use folders for old emails and for keeping things tidy going forward. By categorizing emails when they come in instead of once a year, you’ll be less overwhelmed by opening that inbox every morning.

Now that you have the tools to make your workspace clean for spring, we have one final tip. When choosing a workspace, make sure you pick one that already offers services to help your space look good all year round. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we take care of the communal spaces such as our lounge and meeting rooms are cleaned immediately after use. You’ll never have to run around panicking before a client or guest comes through because our team of client service coordinators has your back! Book a tour today and check out our amazing team and sleek workspaces!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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