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10 Inspiring New Year’s Resolutions for Work



It’s the final countdown to 2023. As we head into the last work days of the year, think about what you want over the next 12 months. The new year brings an opportunity for us all to start fresh. Here are 10 resolutions to inspire you to be your best self at work this year. 

1. Change Your Workspace 

Feeling a bit “blah” coming into the office every day? It may be time to switch up your workspace. Click here to see why a shared workspace may be the perfect solution for you. 


2. Expand Social Footprint 

Social media is the key to professional growth and expansion of your brand. Whether you are looking to raise your personal profile, build a client base, sell products, or make connections, a solid presence on popular platforms is essential. Check out our guides for using these platforms to your advantage: click here for Instagram and here for Facebook. 

3. Reduce Screen Time 

While our mobile devices have to be handy, simply picking up the phone can derail productivity. Create a designated phone space at your desk. It could be a dish, jar, drawer, or even a pouch inside a purse. When you finish a work-related task, you’ll immediately have a place to click it off and store it. To minimize going down the scrolling hole, move your apps into a folder on the last page of your phone- out of sight, out of mind.

4. Take More Breaks

It is time to take better breaks at work- ones that nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Downtime throughout the workday is essential, but not all breaks are created equal. Click here to learn how to make the most of yours! 

5. Delegate 

 This year, take something off of your plate by delegating tasks. In a shared workspace like AdvantEdge, client services coordinators assist with call answering, reception services, admin tasks, and other small projects. You also have space on hand as your team grows or if you add an intern- book a meeting room, utilize the lounge, or move to a long-term suite. 


6. Stay Active 

Make it a goal to incorporate movement into your day. Try some easy exercises like desk pushups, keep a yoga mat behind your desk for some stretching, or take breaks by walking around your building or neighborhood.

7. Keep Learning

Tackling a new skill can increase your value in the workplace, take your position to the next level, or help in switching careers/finding a new job. You can learn in person, by taking a coding class at a place like General Assembly. Or, go virtual and learn a skill like Adobe Photoshop on Skillshare or MasterClass.

lunch and learn event

8. Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is not the same for everyone. Maybe you want to be home for dinner every night, or take time during lunch to hit a quick workout class. Once you break down what achieving that balance entails, you’ll be able to start taking small steps on the right path.

9. Connect With Others 

Branch out in a shared workspace by connecting with fellow clients. Say hi to a neighbor, initiate conversations in the lounge, and attend an event. You never know what kind of professional relations or friendships may develop! 

10. Enjoy the Neighborhood 

Get out of the office more and into the community! AdvantEdge has locations in two of D.C.’s most exciting neighborhoods. Learn more about Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase and L Street to find your next favorite watering hole, lunch spot, workout class, or hobby! 


In 2023, let AdvantEdge Workspaces help you hit all of your goals! What resolutions are on your list? Share in the comments below: 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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