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10 Ways Steve Jobs Changed the Business World



Steve Jobs had such a monumental impact on this world that a device he invented informed many of us that he'd left it. His vision and innovation fostered the creation of Apple and its later dominance of the tech industry. Jobs was a titan of the industry who affected the way businesses think and the way they conduct business. The following are just 10 ways Steve Jobs changed the business world unlike anyone else of his generation:


    1.  The Apple Lisa- This computer was one of the first targeted toward business customers. It featured several then unseen aspects that all computers have today. Among them are a graphical user interface, screen saving, a numeric keypad, and protected memory.

    2. The Apple Macintosh-The first successful personal computer, the Macintosh allowed business clients to bring their digital work home in a big way for the first time. It was also the first successful computer to feature a mouse.

    3. Pixar- Pixar broke new ground in Hollywood's movie industry by creating the first fully computer animated film Toy Story in 1995 and by being the biggest IPO of that same year. The company gave Jobs a creative outlet at a time when his relationship with Apple was strained; and its profitability resulted in the bulk of his personal wealth.

    4. iTunes- iTunes was one of the essential components of the apple ecosystem that many say is the company's most valuable asset. This system of integrating products changed the way computer companies, media companies, and online retailers think about marketing and production.

    5. The Apple Store- Jobs took a personal interest in the design and layout of his company's retail arm. His attention to detail paid off, helping to make these houses of minimalism the most successful retail stores in the U.S.

    6. iPhone- This device changed way we receive information, taking the concept of conducting business anywhere, anytime to a new level. Jobs patented the multitouch screen interface used in the iPhone, iPod touch and the later iPad.

    7. iPad- Jobs actually conceived the idea of the iPad before the iPhone. Filling a void most didn't even feel existed, the iPad changed how we define the word "computer" and brought 'back-end business' to the sales and production floor. The iPad continues to dominate the tablet market, outperforming competitors by a wide margin.

    8. Magic Mouse- The first multitouch consumer mouse, this wireless device brings the features of the apple trackpad and the traditional mouse together. Microsoft recently released its own version hoping to best Apple's. The magic mouse is another example of Jobs' efforts to continue to create products that are symbiotic, a concept he pioneered in the tech world.

    9. iCloud- Though Apple was not the first tech giant to offer cloud storage service, it was the first to have a line of hardware products in place that make it easy and convenient to use.

    10. Stevenote- This name for the finely produced way Steve Jobs introduced new Apple products to the world was so revolutionary, a new concept was created to describe it: a reality distortion field. Jobs' charisma and undying belief in Apple products created an environment where his employees and consumers developed the same unwavering support for products.

Written by Trey Jones

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