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3 AdvantEdges of Shared Workspaces


advantedges-of-shared-workspaces-image-2Whether you are looking for temporary space for a few months or plan to stay in one spot for a few years, we have professional, modern workspaces for your company here at AdvantEdge Business Centers. Why consider shared workspace? There are many advantages of officing with shared workspaces including access to a productive work environment, networking opportunities with many DC businesses, and the convenience of avoiding long term liability and unnecessary financial burdens.

A Real Office for Your Business

A shared workspace can create a productive atmosphere opposed to the in-home office where your couch is just a few feet away. Surrounding yourself with business minded professionals can motivate your staff to do their best work. Also, shared workspaces, like ours, allow your company to customize your office space while also providing business lounges and other shared workspaces available anytime. With our experienced on-site team, a staff member is always available to assist you with an extensive variety of administrative services meaning more efficient work days and a faster growing business.

The Social Experience

Sharing a workspace can also create a great social experience. Shared workspaces are a great way to network with like minded professionals every day. Small businesses and new entrepreneurs can meet other professionals in the convenience of their own workspace. AdvantEdge also offers free events throughout the year to cater to specific industries and bring in partners to provide resources that help your small business grow. Choosing a shared workspace is one of the easiest ways to build business partnerships and grow your business community.

Expand on Demand

Shared workspaces provide the convenience of professional offices, conference rooms, and on-site assistance available anytime at an affordable price point with a reasonable term. Our conference rooms are available on demand for an hour or even a full day and we can help you move into a larger office space as your business grows over time. We remain flexible to accommodate your business on a temporary or long term basis so that you can grow at your own pace.

Overall shared workspaces provide all the professional amenities and services your business needs to thrive with flexible customization options catered to the way you work. If you are currently on the fence about officing with a shared workspace, consider these advantages and click the button below to schedule a tour with AdvantEdge Business Centers.

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Written by Ariel Lumpkins

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