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3 Simple Solutions to Maximize Your Office Space



As people start to return to the office, it’s crucial that your space is well maintained, fosters productivity, and can serve as a refuge from working from home. Your workspace needs to be equipped to serve your employees, and this may mean seeking out new spaces that fit the times that we are in. After all, wasted space equals wasted money. These three solutions will help you make the most of your space and create an office environment that people look forward to being in each week.

1. Use a Shared Workspace

Suite AB large office

A shared workspace allows you to tailor the space to meet your needs. You only pay for the amount you need, but with the security of knowing that should you need to expand or downsize, your contract is flexible. Be sure to pick a shared workspace that offers meeting room space and amenities such as live reception and mail services. These features ensure that your business gets the most for their money while not skimping on first-class services.

2. Flex Your Space

Every company is handling the return to work differently. Some have designated days of the week to come in, others have dividers set up, while some are in full-time. There are endless solutions that people are exploring to adapt to our new normal. Want to hang plexiglass dividers? Need to get rid of a desk to ensure social distancing? Go for it- in a shared workspace like AdvantEdge, you have autonomy over your office space.

You can also consider a private suite or multiple offices within a shared workspace. That way, everyone can close a door and be in their own room while your business still enjoys the benefits and amenities of a serviced space.

3. Embrace Digital


Taking your work online gives people flexibility. There is a lot of square footage going to waste if a desk or workspace is kept for one person who is not in full-time. Utilizing a virtual workspace package can ensure that your team members still enjoy the office amenities and access to a certain amount of in-office time per month without committing to a long-term physical space.

Traditional office spaces can easily drain your wallet. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we work with you to create perfect office space solutions for your business, especially as we all navigate these challenging times. Click here to learn more about what we can do to help you save money and re-think how office space works for you!

Learn more about our shared office space!

Written by Juliana Levinson

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