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3 Ways To Beat the End of Summer Slump



As the summer days wind down, it is hard to not feel yourself settling into a fog at work. Lack of motivation and feeling sluggish can be caused by the heat, but also the time of year we are in. To finish the season strong (and enjoy what is left of it), here are three ways you can beat the end of summer slump at work and set yourself up for success for fall. 

1. Refresh Your Space 

Has summer got you feeling stuffy in your space? If you have to sit with a personal fan all day, it is probably time to refresh your office. A full-service shared office space gives you options for layout, design, and size. Paint a wall, rearrange furniture- do whatever you’d like to create the most optimal space for your work. An end-of-summer refresh is just what you need to finish the year strong in a space that suits your personality and work style.


2. Audit Your Work Life 

Why wait until the end of the year to assess your performance and goals? Give yourself a personal review before the end of the summer. This season typically has us thinking about the things we want- more vacations, time outside, balance for time with the family, etc. Put your desires to paper and see how you can change your work life to better suit your goals. 

Take time to review everything from day-to-day productivity to management style to career growth. Write down where you want to be at the end of the year. This informal review provides an opportunity to think about what you can achieve in the next four months. Why think about 2022 goals when the year is a week away? Start now to set yourself up for success next year, next summer, and beyond. Plus, thinking about what is on the horizon is a great way to beat end of summer sadness. 

3. Prioritize 

Lets work together!

No one wants to be the last one at their desk on a gorgeous Friday afternoon. Now is the best time to prioritize high-level tasks to ensure you have time to soak up the remaining days of summer. Tackle the largest items on your to-do list first. Everything else can wait to be fit into gaps in your day. Save non-time-sensitive tasks for the colder weather! 

This August, let AdvantEdge Workspaces help pull you out of the summer slump and into a trendy workspace full of amenities! From complimentary beverages to stay cool to support staff that can keep you on track, a shared workspace is the solution you need. 

Stay Cool at AdvantEdge


Written by Juliana Levinson

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