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3 Workspace Trends for 2022


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The new year brings more change to the workplace. With the global pandemic still ongoing, 2022 will be a year shaped by challenges mixed with a desire to return to normalcy. In the office and beyond, this year is about cautious optimism. Workspaces are influenced by what is happening in the rest of the world. Here are four trends to look out for in the upcoming months: 

1. Look to Increase Engagement 

Work doesn’t look like it did a year ago, let alone two. For those used to the in-office normalcy of 2019, remote or hybrid work can be isolating. Employees feel less connected and engaged with their colleagues and business. This year, prioritize engagement. Seek out ways to regularly gather people for professional development, meetings, or just plain fun. Implement weekly check-ins and team calls so all members have a pulse on what is going on.


Be the change that you desire to see at work. As an employee, pitch new ways to increase engagement. As a leader, poll your team for what they would be most interested in doing. We guarantee you will discover something new to boost engagement and morale along the way. 

2. Turn to Coworking for Support 


As the workplace landscape shifts, more people can work remotely and seek out their own office arrangements, often with the support of their employers. Enter coworking: a safe, cost-effective, and flexible way to work outside of one’s home. With options ranging from lounge rooms to dedicated desks, there is a coworking solution for every type of employee. Learn more about pro-working plans at AdvantEdge Workspaces here

3. Health Remains at the Forefront

Staying healthy at work remains top of mind for most individuals. Prioritizing well-being includes practicing social distancing and working in an environment where guidelines are followed. Use a space that is sanitized frequently and adheres to masking requirements. Opt for private office space solutions and large meeting rooms for de-densifying gatherings. Click here for more tips on how to stay healthy at work! 

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2022 brings new challenges at work, but is also an opportunity for us to show what we have learned over the past two years. It is a time for us to work how we want to, in a way that is healthy and safe. This year, achieve your workspace goals with AdvantEdge. With a variety of space options, ranging from private suites to hourly desk rentals, there is something for everyone. Happy New Year, and we can’t wait to see everyone crush their goals! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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