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3 Workspace Trends to Watch out for in 2019


workspace-trends-2019From the office environment to incorporating technology, the workspace is constantly changing. There are many workplace trends to look forward to in 2019. We’ve gathered some that we are most excited about. Be on the lookout for these three trends that you'll want to incorporate into your office this year!

1. Professional Development

networking-trend-professional-developmentProfessional development now goes beyond a once-a-year seminar. It can be classes on your laptop or participating in a with a local group. There are so many ways to learn new skills and grow. Spaces are taking the hint and offering their own sessions for clients to gain exposure and knowledge to topics they’ve always wanted to learn more about, but could never make the time for.

Continual professional development is key in maintaining a fresh business. Companies are starting to offer funds and program to keep employees on top of the latest software, strategies, and more.

2. Brining Experiences to the Office


Offices are more than just a place to sit and do work. In 2019, people want more from their workspaces. Be on the lookout for spaces workout rooms, gaming areas to de-stress, coffee bars, outdoor areas, yoga, and more. Adding new elements to the employee experience creates an easy and productive way to take breaks during the day or increase work/life balance.

3. Focus on Mental Wellness

massage chair with logo-12019 is the year we see some backlash to the completely open office space movement. People are finding it harder to focus, be productive, and are feeling overwhelmed in large work areas. To combat this, look out for workspaces offering smaller coworking rooms or private offices with shared amenities.

Another way to increase mental wellness at work is by incorporating elements of nature. According to a study from the University of Queensland, having plants around can increase productivity by %15. Additionally, natural light and large windows can help boost moods. Gone are the days of windowless offices and fluorescent lights!

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we are always looking to be ahead of workspace trends. We offer events for our clients and the community on a range of topics from utilizing social media to writing a business plan. Our spaces are unique, with outdoor areas, a massage chair room, and even a place to shoot hoops in the lounge! By being able to balance privacy and shared experiences, you can say goodbye to noisy open workspaces. At AdvantEdge, we already have a leg up on these 2019 trends- so come visit us today and see what we are all about!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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