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4 Fun Tips for Professional Development



Did you know October is National Learning and Development month? Too often, we only think of learning in the form of school. Once formal education is over, it is hard to continue expanding our minds and skillset. Take October as an opportunity to learn something new for the workplace. Professional development is essential to growth and a successful career. Here are four fun tips for continued learning:

1. Podcasts


Podcasts are the easiest way to get some learning into your day. Put one on while commuting or sitting down and catching up on tasks. Listen during lunch or a workout. The options are endless! There is a podcast for every topic imaginable. Here’s a round-up of some great podcasts, from news to business tips. 

2. Class is in Session

Head back to the classroom for continued learning! Whether in-person or virtual, there are many options available for one who wants to go back to the books. Audit classes at a local university or community college for a traditional experience or if you may be interested in eventually pursuing a degree. To dip your toe back into education, try a class through an education center. There are language institutes, coding boot camps, and more! A favorite for advancing knowledge about tech in the workplace is General Assembly, which offers a variety of course options from UX design to engineering. 

3. Learn on Your Own 

If formal classes do not fit your schedule, try learning on your own time. Online platforms like Masterclass and Skillshare provide modules to learn from professionals whenever you want . You can even take classes from celebrities and distinguished thought leaders! Ted Talks are also a great resource, especially for personal growth and leadership. If you prefer more traditional methods, there is always a good book to help guide you on a new topic. Browse the library or a local independent bookstore for options. 

4. Engage With Communities 

lunch and learn event

If classes aren’t your style and you’ve done the podcast thing, engaging with local professional communities is a great next step for furthering professional development. Get involved in a local chapter of a national society for your profession. Attend networking and learning events. Join LinkedIn groups. Or, lean into affinity-based organizations, such as support groups for women in your field. 

No matter how you choose to grow, the most important thing is to not remain stagnant at work. Professional development should be fun! It is a way to enrich your personal and professional life, connect with others, and advance in your career. At AdvantEdge Workspace, our community of like-minded clients creates the perfect atmosphere for growth and networking. From lunch and learns to workspace-wide events, there is always an opportunity to grow. Learn more below! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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