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4 Ideas for Customizing Your Workspace



No one wants to work in a white box all day! Customizing office space can go a long way. It is more aesthetically pleasing, and physical surroundings can impact how one feels about their job and coming to work each day. Read below for four tips on how to add some personal and professional touches to your workspace!

1. Add Color

team-office-customizedLet your workspace stand out by adding pops of color. A plain white room says nothing about who you are or what your business is all about. Try an accent wall in a branded color, or paint the whole space in a muted tone. Play around with geometric wall designs to create some dimension in the room. Not convinced about painting the walls? You can also add color through eye-catching window treatments, painted furniture, a boldly printed chair, or by creating a gallery wall with colored frames.

2. Decorate

Decorating an office space can be overwhelming. Let your business guide you throughout the design process. For example, if you’re a mental health professional, think about calming colors and zen elements, such as a bubbling water fountain. If you’re a lawyer meeting a variety of clients, think about a neutral palette with subtle personal touches. Your profession can help determine what type of decor is professional and can help frame thinking around the color palette, personal touches, and furniture.

3. Fun With Furniture

YOUR OFFICE. YOUR WAY.Although picking furniture can feel less glamorous than decorating, it is the basis of how you function in your workspace. Your desk and chair can be the difference between comfort and days riddled with back and neck pain. Pick ergonomic pieces that keep your eyes level with your computer and monitor. A great option to try out is a desk that transitions from a traditional seated position to a standing one. This feature allows you to move during the day without adding additional furniture. You should also pick other pieces, such as display cabinets, shelves, and chairs for guests that compliment your desk and fit the scale of the space.

4. Show Off

Your workspace is a place to show off you and your team’s business accomplishments. Tastefully adorn the desk and walls with framed achievements and photos from your career. Your workspace is the perfect place to display these items, which can also serve as conversation starters when meeting new clients or potential colleagues. You can also show off your business by incorporating branded items, such as pens, a throw pillow, mugs, or even a trendy piece of wall art with your logo.

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, you get to customize your workspace! We understand how important it is to have an office space that reflects your personality. All clients can bring in their own furniture, decorate however they see fit, and even paint the walls (which we can arrange for you). If you don’t have time to focus on design at first, AdvantEdge will outfit the office for you, letting you select pieces from our collection based on your needs. No two businesses are alike, so why should office spaces all look the same? Workspace customization is just the beginning of the personalized experience clients receive at AdvantEdge. Click below to learn more!

Learn more about our shared office space!

Written by Juliana Levinson

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