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4 Productivity Hacks for Summer at Work



Even though Labor Day looms in the distance, summer is still in full swing. From vacations to local activities to just general enjoyment of the season: it is no surprise that working can seem like a drag in the heat of August. Lack of motivation and feeling sluggish can be caused by the heat and humidity, and these feelings become amplified in the workspace. To make the most of the final weeks of summer, we have four productivity hacks to help you achieve maximum seasonal fun.

1. Flex Hours 

Summer is all about staying flexible at work. Flexing hours can be a powerful tool for remaining productive and not wasting hours at your desk. Humans are not robots and the 9-5 schedule does not work for everyone. Especially in the summer, when one wants to take advantage of pools, beaches, golfing, or just sitting outside. Flex hours enable one to enjoy their favorite summer pastimes without skirting work responsibilities. Put in hours early in the morning, or during dinner time. With flex hours, the opportunities are endless! 

2. Use a Shared Workspace 

In a shared workspace, you have all the tools to be the most productive version of yourself, creating an opportunity to indulge in summer Fridays or finally take a beach vacation. No matter what, AdvantEdge has your back. When you step away from your desk, a client services coordinator is still on hand to answer calls and forward voicemails. You can be sure that all mail will be safe and secure, and there is no need to be nervous about when packages will arrive. Let AdvantEdge handle specific tasks so that you can power through your work day! 

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3. Prioritize 

No one wants to be the last one at their desk on a gorgeous Friday afternoon. Now is the best time to prioritize high-level tasks to ensure you have time to soak up the remaining days of summer. Start each day by writing down the top five things you need to accomplish, and do not move to the next task until the previous one is complete. Tackling the largest items on your to-do list first means everything else can fit into gaps in your day. Save non-time-sensitive tasks for the colder weather! 

4. Avoid Overload

It is easy to be distracted and overwhelmed by tasks that pile up in the summer. People take longer to respond, colleagues need work coverage while at the beach, and every little task can seem to take forever. Avoid overload by focusing on what matters: your own work. Cut outside jobs and extra projects. Becoming singularly focused on your work will help prevent burnout and keep you productive at your desk. Feeling overwhelmed? Take a step back and start by leaving an hour early on Fridays, turning your phone off a night, or dedicated time for lunch without checking email. 

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No one wants to see summer go, which is why AdvantEdge Workspaces is committed to helping you have the best season yet! Click below to learn how our services can best help you:

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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