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4 Tips for a Healthier Workday



Don’t let those New Year's resolutions get away from you! It is not too late to reign in those lofty health goals you set back in January. Closeout February on the right foot by incorporating these four easy tips into your life for a healthier workday. 

1. Hydrate 


Proper hydration is the cornerstone of health. Each day, ensure you are drinking at least eight glasses of water. It is easy to forget amidst back-to-back calls, so get a water bottle that makes drinking enjoyable, such as an insulated jug to keep things cold or a cup in a fun design. AdvantEdge Workspaces lounges are equipped with Lavit beverage stations so clients can stay hydrated with their drinks of choice. From sparkling water to tea, you’ll never find yourself dehydrated during the workday again. 

2. Eat Well

Now that you are hydrated, it is time to think about what you eat during the day. With a desk job, mindless snacking is a constant temptation and unfulfilling lunches are commonplace. Staying satiated is essential for your focus and productivity levels. Make sure you don’t skip breakfast, even if it is just a hard-boiled egg or protein bar. For lunch, meal prep over the weekends and store lunches in your workspace’s lounge area. If you want to eat out, aim for a balanced meal from a local grocery store or fast-casual joint. 

3. Get Moving 

wellness walk

Humans are not designed to sit for eight or more hours a day. To incorporate more movement, walk to work, take public transit, or park farther away from the office. If possible, take a meeting while walking around the neighborhood or skip out for a workout class at lunch. Once ready to take the next step, consider a standing or treadmill desk, which will help you get those steps up without missing out on any emails. 

4. Prioritize Balance 

Balancing work with mental health is tough, and the goal can quickly fall off of our resolutions list. Instead, make a smaller, attainable goal, such as leaving the office right at five two days a week. Or, vow to take a proper lunch and call a friend, which prevents you from slipping into checking emails. Whatever your pain point is, challenge yourself to work towards your goal at least once a week. These small changes can snowball into major lifestyle adjustments. 

Leading a healthier lifestyle at work comes with many benefits in your personal and professional lives. These four tips will help you achieve balance and create small wins in your workday. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, health and wellness is a pillar of our community. From workout classes to quiet spaces, we are here to support your quest for a healthier workday. Learn more by checking out our #WellnessWednesday hashtag on Instagram and Facebook!

Wellness @ AdvantEdge 


Written by Juliana Levinson

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