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4 Ways Interns Can Help Your Business



Thursday is National Intern Day- a time to recognize and appreciate all that interns can do for businesses! Interns are typically students (sometimes graduates) who work to gain experience in a specific field. Internship experience is essential to landing full-time jobs these days. If you don’t yet have an internship program, here are four reasons why your business can benefit from one. 

1. Experience For Everyone 

An internship program provides experience for students and employees. Overseeing interns is a great way to assess current employees' management skills. It allows them to practice and hone skills before taking on full-time direct reports. Interns also provide a chance to evaluate hiring and onboarding processes. If something is not clear to an intern, it will probably be confusing for others as well. 

2. An Outside Perspective 


Interns bring a different perspective to your business. They are typically younger, currently in school, and have a pulse on the latest industry trends. Interns are more likely to be up-to-date on the latest tools, from communication platforms to social media apps. These digital natives can take your business to a different level with their fresh perspectives and ideas!

3. Reduce Workload 

At the end of the day, interns are there to help you with whatever you need. Whether it is an admin task, running a social media channel, or working on a long-term project, interns will rise to the occasion. Do not be afraid to give them substantial tasks. Interns can be valuable in reducing the overall workload for the team so that full-time employees can better focus on larger tasks. 

4. Talent Pipeline 


An intern could be your next full-time employee! One of the benefits of an internship program is building a talent pipeline for your business. Interns end their time with a solid grasp on how the business runs, from tasks to roles to team interactions. Whenever possible, hiring an intern is a smart decision- it means less onboarding and more time spent getting right to work! 

An internship program is a meaningful (and cost-effective) way to support your business. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, you can add interns at any time and know that they will have a comfortable and professional space to work in. From private offices to coworking desks, AdvantEdge can help you make an internship program a reality! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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