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4 Ways To Celebrate Women's History Month at Work



Yesterday, women around the world were celebrated and honored for International Women’s Day, which occurs every March 8th. The festivities and recognition should last year-round, but especially for the rest of March, as it's Women’s History Month. Women's achievements deserve celebration- particularly in the workplace. Bring your office together with these four ways to celebrate the women in your office all month long! 

1. Give Back

Pick one or more organizations centered around empowering women to support this month. Poll the whole team to source places that have personal connections. There are many ways to give back besides providing a monetary donation on behalf of your team. Clothing or household supplies drives can be a great way to have a direct impact. Or you can tie in charitable efforts with your work, and provide mentorship and tutoring services to young women who aspire to be in your field. No matter how you chose to give back, keep female empowerment at the forefront this month. 

2. Promote Work-Life Balance 

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In 2021, women are still disproportionately impacted by responsibilities at home. During the pandemic, this has only increased, especially for mothers who have suddenly found themselves needing to work and be a teacher at the same time. As an office, you can support women by implementing comprehensive family leave plans and making PTO available for home emergencies. Additionally, employer health insurance plans should prioritize women’s health. You can even provide childcare stipends and flexible schedules to ensure women at the office have the work/life balance they deserve. 

3. Look Internally 

Review your practices internally at work. What could be improved to promote more equality in hiring and promotion structures? Have steps been taken to eliminate the gender pay gap within the office? While attending lectures and events to learn about women’s history is great, the real work starts with assessing what structural changes can be made within the office. 

4. Support Other Women

Find ways that you can support women-owned businesses this month, and beyond! Whether you cater lunch one week from a women-owned restaurant or buy holiday gifts from a female-led store, there are countless opportunities to incorporate these businesses into purchases that you already make. You can also support other women through networking. Women-only networking spaces are crucial to empowerment and growth, especially in fields dominated by men. Even in these socially-distanced times, you can still attend (or plan) virtual panels, happy hours, and more. 

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This March, challenge yourself and your coworkers to truly celebrate Women’s History Month at work by honoring the women in your field and turning your support into tangible actions that help empower women everywhere!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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