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4 Ways AdvantEdge Can Help You Connect


Tired of collecting business cards at so-called “networking” events without forming any meaningful relationships?  Are dozens of LinkedIn member invitations sitting in cyber limbo because you can’t remember who they are or how you met?


In a shared office environment, meaningful networking occurs every day.  There are hundreds of clients across all three AdvantEdge locations; consultants, attorneys, communications firms, start-ups, non-profits, financial advisors, media production companies, web designers, public relations professionals, environmentalists, etc. who exchange information and refer business to one another on a daily basis.  Our fully-furnished common areas also offer opportunities for office “neighbors” to meet and trade products or services.  

Network without leaving the office

The concept of shared space implies a collaborative, networking-friendly environment, but as part of the AdvantEdge commitment to helping our clients succeed, we go above and beyond to provide the following ongoing amenities which encourage our clients make new connections:

  • Monthly Social Events: Once a month, our staff hosts luncheons or afternoon soirees (typically tied to a specific theme or holiday) to bring clients together in a relaxed environment where they can eat, drink and get to know one another.
  • Client Introductions: Our center managers are always looking to unite clients whose services or products are a good “fit.”  When you first arrive, a simple introduction can prove very effective in helping our clients grow their businesses through in-house connections, and it helps you get a better sense of who you’re sharing space with.
  • "Lunch ‘n Learn” Workshops: Typically hosted in one of our 50-person state-of-the-art training rooms, these workshops are a great way to provide knowledge of interest to our clients while offering a chance to share valuable insight and expand your network.
  • Community Boards: Whether you are looking to promote your business or organization or gain attention for your cause, AdvantEdge has space in all of its community lounges for clients to post events and information. This offers a clients a chance to reach out to one another and is a simple way to expand reach without expanding your marketing budget.
Find Office Space in Washington, DC

For over 26 years, AdvantEdge Business Centers has brought clients of different backgrounds together to thrive, connect and when the opportunity arises, conduct business with one another.  So if your drawer full of business cards is starting to look like an episode of “Hoarders,” it may be time to consider a move to an executive suite!

Written by Jillian Joseph

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