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4 Ways To Enjoy Summer at Work


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Summer is winding down, but don’t rush in fall too early! There are still plenty of sunny days and warm weather activities to partake in. It can be hard sitting at work all day when you’re dreaming of the beach, but there are still ways to enjoy the season while staying on track at the office! Read on for five things you can do to enjoy the remainder of summer

1. Take It Outside

The easiest way to enjoy summer at work is by taking your laptop outside! At AdvantEdge Downtown, our location has a lovely rooftop that serves an extension of your indoor space. If you are still working from home, set up a workstation in your outdoor area, or sit in a local park. Another great way to soak up some sun while on the clock is to take meetings as you walk around the neighborhood. You’ll get in some movement while still tackling your schedule and to-do list.

Rooftop-advantedgeThe rooftop deck is perfect for getting work done at AdvantEdge! 

2. Summer Fridays

While there are only a few Fridays left before Labor Day, think about instating a summer Friday policy where the workday ends earlier in the afternoon. This schedule change give peoples the freedom to head out of town for the weekend earlier or get a head start on relaxing after a long week. Beaches and parks are also less crowded on weekdays, so by flexing your time, you may be able to do things in your city that you would typically avoid on weekends.

3. Make the Most of a Long Weekend

We have one long weekend left this summer, so make the most of it! You’ll want to prepare for the shortened workweek to fully be able to relax, instead of checking your email or scrambling to finish a project last minute. Click here for more tips on how to check out of the office and take full advantage of that three day weekend.

4. Embrace Seasonal Foods

From corn to peaches, there are so many amazing seasonal fruits and vegetables to enjoy. Shop a farmers market or sign up for a CSA to ensure you are getting the freshest items while supporting local businesses. Make summer dishes like a fresh pie or a grilled salad to bring a bit of summer flair to your lunch breaks!

It’s easy to enjoy summer at work with AdvantEdge Workspaces! Our two locations are situated near parks, have access to outdoor spaces, and are in neighborhoods where it’s easy to walk around or to trade in your car for a bike commute. In D.C., we enjoy warmer weather throughout the fall, so tour our spaces and relish in the season at work today!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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