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4 Ways To Maximize Your Lunch Break



It can be easy to speed through the day, not taking a moment to break. However, lunch could be the most important hour you have. Instead of powering through emails at your desk, learn how to maximize your time to create a break that works for you and your lifestyle. 

1. Fuel Your Body 

It’s lunchtime, so why shouldn’t you be eating? Being “too busy” to eat can negatively impact you later in the day, causing you to feel irritable, tired, and move slowly. One option is to meal prep on weekends. Packing lunches for the entire week in one day means that all you have to do is grab and go in the morning. In workspaces with lounge areas, you can store lunch ingredients, such as sandwich items, and easily create your own meals throughout the week. Lastly, you can head out to a local eatery each day. Look for healthy options such as salads and grain bowls to keep your energy up in the afternoon. 

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2. Get Up and Move 

With a busy schedule, movement can fall off of the to-do list. With your lunch break, re-prioritize moving your body. For those who prefer not to break out into a sweat, try some gentle yoga or a brisk walk around the neighborhood. If you can shower or return to the office in athletic clothes, head to the gym or local studio for a class. Even just 20 minutes can have a dramatic impact on your health. We are not meant to sit all day, so go out and hit that step goal! 


3. Do Nothing 

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. Set aside all screens, turn off your smartwatch, and be in the moment. Whether it is alone with your thoughts or sitting down with colleagues, remove all distractions. Eating without the temptation to check email will lead to more engaging conversations and productive thoughts. Don’t feel like eating? Take the time to meditate or even take a quick nap if you have a private office. It is important to restore yourself so you can give to others. 

4. Focus on Life, Not Work 

Step away from work tasks and take lunchtime to get things done in your personal life. Run errands, grocery shop, schedule a doctor’s appointment, or go through bills. Getting chores done during the day leaves more time to spend after five o'clock with your family and loved ones. Conversely, life tasks don’t always have to be essential. Take time to go to a store you’ve been eyeing, get a haircut, or go through the car wash. Do whatever feels relaxing to you. You’ll feel good getting things done while also taking a mental break from work. 

This could be your lunch break...

Lunch should be a sacred time of the day, rather than an hour to work through. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, it is easy to maximize your break time. On-site gyms make sneaking in a workout a breeze. Comfortable lounge areas provide ample space to rest and recharge. Convenient locations provide easy access to a variety of lunch options, green spaces, and essential stores, such as CVS and Giant. 

With a shared workspace that prioritizes your wellness, stepping away is as simple as turning off your notifications. Take back control of your lunch break with AdvantEdge! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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