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4 Workspace Goals To Set for the New Year


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To say the office experience has changed this year is an understatement. No matter what industry, everyone had to rethink how we function at work and how our space serves us. As we head into 2021 still facing social-distancing measures, think about your office space and how it can best serve you. We often make personal resolutions for the New Year, but it is also the perfect time to make goals surrounding your workspace experience. Here are four goals you can set to have your best year at work yet:

1. Stay Safe and Healthy

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This is a question that was hardly on the radar last year but is of the utmost importance now. The only way to be in the office is to follow CDC guidelines and practice social distancing. Your goal is to be in a workspace that enforces mask-wearing in common areas, sanitizes surfaces and cleans regularly, removes unnecessary touchpoints, and more. All of these practices ensure that you can continue to come to the office with minimal COVID-19 related interruptions.

2. Spruce Things Up

The New Year is the perfect time to refresh your space. You can make small changes, such as hanging up a new piece of art or bringing in plants, or go for a complete overhaul by getting new furniture and painting the walls. Your space reflects your business, and you do not want to be in just another bland box. Interior design may feel daunting, but the reality is even buying a new lamp, or adding a bright pillow to your desk chair can make a huge difference in how you feel about your workspace. Do not be afraid to try something new!

3. Outsource Tasks


2021 is all about efficiency! What do you spend precious time on during the day that someone else could handle? It could be anything from admin tasks to graphic design. If hiring an intern or more staff is the solution, make sure you are in a space where you can add a desk or have communal areas for people to work in. You can also explore sites such as Upwork to find freelancers. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, client services coordinators are on hand to provide reception, answer calls, and help out with small projects. This year, it is your mission to make life easier for yourself!

4. Enjoy Heading Into the Office

Above all else, you want to enjoy coming into your workspace each day. Commute time and accessibility, internet reliability, reception staff, aesthetics, and even the type of coffee provided can all have an impact on your experience. Every detail matters, whether it is knowing there is a warm bagel with your name on it on Fridays or an afternoon yoga class on Wednesday. Work is stressful enough- your office should provide a calm and supportive environment… and maybe the occasional happy hour!

The New Year is for reevaluating the workspace that you are in. Does it meet all of your goals? Can your business thrive in that environment? AdvantEdge Workspaces offers a variety of office space solutions that can fit anyone’s needs- and we are ringing in 2021 with new deals that you will not want to miss! Click below to stay connected with our team and schedule your tour for January.

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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