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5 Chevy Chase Restaurants That You'll Want to Get Takeout From



The restaurant industry has been hit incredibly hard by the pandemic. Even though some restaurants are open for dine-in, an easy and contact-less way to support your favorite places is by getting takeout. AdvantEdge clients love being in vibrant, central locations in D.C.- and the proximity to delicious food doesn’t hurt! Whether you’re back in the office or want a taste of your workspace at home, here are five locally-owned places with takeout options near AdvantEdge Chevy Chase that you can support!

Lias: If you don’t have time to sit on their spacious patio, takeout is the next best thing! This upscale American style eatery features everything from house made pasta to crab cakes. Lia's is a great spot to pick up food for a date night- add some to-go cocktails, and a slick of cake to share to round out the evening.


Sushiko: Craving sushi? Delicious and high-quality rolls, bento boxes, and more are just around the corner from AdvantEdge Workspaces. When D.C. humidity makes it hard to even think about eating something hot, pieces of nigiri or a bowl of ceviche is the perfect option to beat the heat.

Bandit Taco: This spot is perfect for those who pass through Tenleytown on their way home. Stop in for creative and flavorful tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and more. Be sure to head over on Tuesdays for $2 tacos and grab a horchata or Mexican soda to wash them down.


Petes New Haven Style Apizza: Pete’s is a Chevy Chase staple that continues to be open with all-day delivery during these times. Their menu is built around locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring that everything is fresh and seasonal. They also make giving back easy, with an option to add a donation to D.C.’s frontline workers with every online order.

Meiwah: This Chinese restaurant has been a long-time staple for anyone in the area. With an extensive menu and large portions, you can find something for everyone, and probably be set for lunch the next day too! Order delivery (reviewers rave about how quickly the food arrives) or stop by for carryout to enjoy.


We hope you made it through this post without getting too hungry! Click here for more Chevy Chase spots that AdvantEdge clients enjoy and stay tuned for next week for the top takeout places near the AdvantEdge Workspace’s L Street location!


Written by Juliana Levinson

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