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5 Downtown Eateries That You'll Want to Order From



If you’ve returned to work at AdvantEdge Workspaces on L Street, there are a variety of local restaurants to support when you want a quick bite for lunch or dinner to bring home to your family. Our downtown location is right in the mix of some of the best eateries. Plus, easy access to multiple metro lines and neighborhoods across D.C. and Northern Virginia means your food won’t get cold as you make your way home. Here are five centrally located spots that have a dish for any mood:

Little Sesame: This hip eatery serves up Israeli-inspired bowls and pitas made from responsibly grown and high-quality ingredients. The food is fresh, seasonal, and full of flavor- there is always something new for your taste buds to experience. They currently offer build-your-own kits, which are perfect for families (or if you want delicious chicken shawarma for the whole week). Get delivery through DoorDash or schedule a pick-up through their app!

little-sesame-washington-dc-downtownPhoto taken from Little Sesame's Facebook page

Pizzeria Paradiso: From L street, you can easily hit the DuPont Circle or Georgetown locations of this woman-owned pizzeria. Take a personal pizza to a park for a socially distanced gathering or bring home a few pies to share- and add on beer or wine (up to 50% off restaurant pricing) if it’s been a particularly rough day!

Burger Tap and Shake: There’s something for everyone here, from plant-based patties for vegans to fully loaded cheeseburgers. Burger Tap and Shake is a great local place to support when you need to satisfy picky eaters or a wide range of diets- or if you simply want a good old fashioned burger and milkshake. You can order on UberEats or Doordash and don’t forget to ask for extra AP sauce!

burget-tap-shake-dc-downtownPhoto taken from Burger Tap and Shake's Facebook page 

Bluestone Lane: This Australian-inspired coffee shop does more than serve up a great morning brew. The location near AdvantEdge L Street is their largest, and while you can’t sit in the shop now, enjoy the bright decor and ambiance as you wait for your order. Contactless pick up is available through the app, where you can accumulate loyalty points. And the best part? They serve breakfast all. day. long. Who says you can have an omelet before your two o’clock meeting!

Captain Cookie: Enough about full meals- what about when you have to satisfy a sweet tooth? Look no further than locally-owned Captain Cookie, just a short walk away from AdvantEdge! This cookie and dairy bar is a dessert-lovers dream. Build your own ice cream cookie sandwich, grab a milkshake, or stick with a traditional cookie. Captain Cookie’s offerings are all made from scratch and are great for a mid-day pick me up.

captain-cookie-milkman-downtown-dc-advantedgePhoto taken from Captain Cookie and the Milkman Facebook page 

When you work at AdvantEdge, you’ll never be hungry with all the amazing food options within walking distance of both of our locations! We help make supporting small, locally-owned eateries convenient. Tour our downtown L street location today, and be sure to budget in time for a lunch break after!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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