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5 Everyday Ways To Express Gratitude at Work



With Thanksgiving less than a week away, we are amidst the season of gratitude. This time of year, we pay special attention to the things in life that we are thankful for and think about ways to show appreciation for others. After a challenging year, it is more important than ever to express gratitude at work- for colleagues, the business, and even your workspace. Here are five ways to give thanks at work, not only during this season but all year round!

1. Random Acts of Kindness

In an office environment- especially competitive ones- it is important to take yourself out of “work mode” and do something thoughtful for others. Bring in treats after a stressful day, give an afternoon off, purchase a new office item for everyone to enjoy, or have a casual dress day- the possibilities are endless! Unexpectedly expressing gratitude for your team takes little time but will leave a lasting impact on others and help increase company culture.

2. Forge Deeper Connections


We forget that our colleagues are people with lives outside of the office. Take time to have meaningful conversations. Challenge yourself to meet with someone different each week for lunch. You’ll gain a deeper sense of who you work with every day and may even make a new friend!

3. Give a Gift

A gift does not have to be a big to-do. Grabbing someone a coffee or lunch from their favorite spot is a simple way to show appreciation. However, this is also a time of year where holiday gift-giving may be appropriate in some offices. Forget gift cards or a bottle of wine. Instead, purchase a thoughtful item that correlates with your relationship to the person or with your line of work.

4. Share Praise


You don’t need to spend money to make someone’s day. If a co-worker did a great job on a presentation or project, send them a personal note, and post public congratulations on LinkedIn. Meaningful compliments, whether about professional accomplishments or something personal, such as a new haircut or outfit, can go a long way. Making sure your colleagues know that they are noticed and appreciated is an easy way to express gratitude for them every day.

5. Partake in Community

When you are part of a shared workspace, you join a larger community of like-minded professionals. Show gratitude for your community by showing up and engaging in workspace events and striking up conversations with staff and members from other businesses. Fostering an open workspace environment is something that you can do in your daily interactions.

No matter how you choose to express gratitude at work each day, know that it has a ripple effect on those around you. Everyone can influence their work environment by adding in these easy ways to show appreciation for others. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we foster a strong sense of community among those who work here and give thanks to our clients through events and small acts of kindness. Looking to join a workspace that you can be grateful for each day? Click below to schedule a tour!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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