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5 Fun Activities for Earth Day at Work


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Earth Day is this Saturday! Earth Day is a time to think about our eco-footprint, make changes, and help the planet. From beach clean-ups to sales on your favorite sustainable products, there are endless ways to engage in Earth Day activities. There is no wrong way to celebrate, and everyone can find something meaningful to do that resonates with their personal priorities. Not sure where to start? Here are five fun activities you can do at work before the end of the week! 

1. Make a Sustainable Swap 

Come together as a team and each pledge to make one sustainable swap either in your individual offices or as a company. From printing fewer documents to switching to refillable pens and pencils, there is a swap for almost every need. Click here to check out these simple sustainable switches you can make throughout the workspace! 

2. Get Outside 


Rally the team and get out into nature during your lunch break! Start off with a picnic in the park. Then, head out on a nature walk to learn more about your local ecosystem and the challenges it faces with a guide. Or, do a clean-up in the park or on the streets near your office. Combining a team lunch with learning more or giving back is a great way to create an activity everyone will be interested in. 

3. Digitize

Trading in masses of printed documents for an all-digital solution will save lots of trees over the years. Turn to a cloud-based file sharing solution, like Google Drive or Sharepoint to store documents. With collaboration tools and editing features, you’ll never feel the need to print something again! Plus, you will always have what you need on hand, produced at the stroke of a few keywords. Kickoff off your digital journey this week in honor of Earth Day! 

4. Green Thumb

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Celebrate Earth Day by getting in touch with, well, the Earth! Host a team bonding event around planting. Spruce up your workspace by building your own desk plant collection or terrarium. You can also learn about planting your favorite herbs, with everyone getting something to take home for their own garden. 

5. Donate 

If you are short on time, you can always donate to a cause as a team. Pick a local organization that works on sustainability initiatives in your own backyard, such as supporting composting or bringing outdoor education to schools. Support that organization through a team challenge or by pledging amounts as individuals. 

This Earth Day, there are so many fun ways to get involved in the workplace and come together as a team. The ultimate way to celebrate Earth Day at work is to use a shared workspace! A shared workspace equals shared resources, which is a sustainability practice in itself. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, two locations in LEED-certified buildings focus on maximizing experience while minimizing the impact on the planet. Next year, celebrate in a workspace that embraces sustainable practices! 

Go Green With AdvantEdge

Written by Juliana Levinson

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