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5 Ideas for Your Summer Lunch Break



Lunch should be a sacred time of day. Whether it is 15 minutes or a full hour, taking time to rest, recharge, and fuel your body is important to a successful workday. This summer, branch out from a standard salad at your desk and spruce up your lunch breaks! Here are five ideas to switch things up and get more out of your time at work. 

1. Brown-bag It 

Tomorrow is National Brown-Bag It Day! This day is dedicated to encouraging people to pack their own lunches for work. During the summer months, challenge yourself to bring lunch into work at least once a week. Try out new recipes or products you see at the grocery store. Packing your own lunch is particularly helpful on busy days when you may not have time to step out or place an order. 

This could be your lunch break 2

2. Head Out on the Town 

Always feel like you are missing out on new restaurants? Too tired to go out at the end of the day? Then head out on the town for lunch! Eating out during the workday does not have to be all about business. Grab lunch with friends, colleagues, or sit with a book and enjoy some alone time. Removing yourself from the office can help with disconnecting from work. Check out some of AdvantEdge’s favorite places here- all within easy walking distance from the workspace! 

3. Move Your Body 

With a busy schedule, movement can fall off of the to-do list. With your lunch break, re-prioritize moving your body. For those who prefer not to break out into a sweat, try some gentle yoga or a brisk walk around the neighborhood. If you can shower or return to the office in athletic clothes, head to the gym or local studio for a class. Even just 20 minutes can have a dramatic impact on your health. As humans, we are not designed to sit all day, so get out and hit that step goal! 


4. Get Outside 

Summer afternoons can be sweltering hot, but on milder days, try to get outside for some fresh air! Sit in the shade and read a chapter of your book, take a call, or simply opt for a walk to get lunch instead of hopping in the car or getting on public transit. Some vitamin D can be a natural pick-me-up for the rest of the workday. 

5. Connect with Coworkers 

Teams can’t help but feel a bit more relaxed in the summer, with holiday plans, travel, and a break from busy school year routines. Now is the perfect time to strengthen your relationship with coworkers! Gather on a patio for lunch or stay in the AC with a fun team bonding or professional development event. Celebrate summer by swapping memories and stories from current vacations. 

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Summer is heating up, and so are your lunch plans! Stay busy this season and enjoy all that your city has to offer. Ready for a workspace location near hundreds of dining and activity options? Come work at AdvantEdge Workspaces for a day to see all of the options that await you! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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