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5 Key Office Services You Need



Offices can have every amenity these days, from mini golf to massage chairs. These bonus amenities are fun and certainly boost the quality of life in the workspace. However, sometimes one needs to get back to basics and hone in on daily needs. We have rounded up the five key office services you need to ensure success in the workplace. 

1. Printing Services

Printing, scanning, and faxing are simple, yet often the most frustrating, tasks. Bad technology, broken machines, and lack of support are common sources of discontent in the printer room. At AdvantEdge, state-of-the-art machines are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Staff is on hand to help troubleshoot or handle your needs. Never shout at the printer again with this office service! 


2. Mail Services 

With two prime locations on Wisconsin Avenue or L Street, your business is covered with a convenient and professional DC address. The AdvantEdge team will screen, process, and store all mail and packages. With many members opting to work from home either full or part-time, staff will forward mail on their behalf, sign for packages, and even send faxes and scans of newly received documents. The team will also process outgoing mail, putting time back in your hands instead of wasting time in a line at the post office. 

3. Phone Services 

With call answering services, take back your time and leave the screening and initial handling to administrative professionals. Customize a greeting and voicemail recording, and draft up a forwarding plan. Your recordings will direct callers to the correct extension or provide important information. For forwarding, put a process in place so you never have to worry about missing an important call. 

your phone 5

The AdvantEdge team operates under a three-step process: answer, screen, and transfer. With this process, there is always room for adjustment. Every client has access to an on-site team that can modify service on a weekly or even an hourly basis. Leave the office or sit down and focus with ease!

4. Refreshment Services 

As humans, we need nourishment and hydration throughout the day. Although it is so simple, complimentary beverages and access to fulfilling meals and snacks can make a huge difference in your office experience. Look for spaces that provide coffee and tea all day long. A full-scale lounge area should also include a fridge and places to prepare meals from home. As a bonus, check out areas nearby to ensure you have access to lunch spots, a grocery store, and other cafes. 

5. Support Services 

Support staff and the services they provide are essential to a positive office experience. At AdvantEdge, client services coordinators are here to help workspace clients grow and succeed. Learn more about their role here

Customized support services-1

At AdvantEdge, you can customize your experience to have all of the key office services you need. Don’t need a workspace but need a business address? No problem! Want a workspace a few days of the week but not the customized call answering? You got it! Whatever services are essential to success, we provide them. Call us today to learn more about how AdvantEdge can support your business! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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