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5 Meeting Room Rental Must-Haves



When coming into a meeting room space that is not your own, it is important to ensure you have all the conveniences. It should feel like an extension of your own workspace, and not some sterile room to operate out of for a few hours. The right meeting room can set the tone for any gathering. Here are five must-haves for any meeting room rental!

1. Flexible Spaces

No two meeting rooms are alike. Yes, some have the traditional large conference room table, but others may have high tables, a small desk-like space, comfy seating, huge monitors, or projector screens. Whatever your work needs are, they can be met by a meeting room space. Some things to consider when securing a space are the projects you'll be working on, if video conferencing or other tech is needed, and what type of seating and configuration is best. Based on that, you’ll find a meeting room that works for you, and can then book hourly and even set up a recurring date for weekly (or more) time away from home.

2. Video Conferencing 

Ditch the frustration that comes with lag time and spotty audio. With a large screen and clear connection, you’ll feel like you are in the same room as someone who is halfway around the world. The screen interface at AdvantEdge is state-of-the-art, allowing for HD video and audio conferencing as well as additional features like multimedia and screen sharing. With video conferencing, working remotely has no impact on how business is conducted.


3. Customized Service 

Beyond your experience inside the meeting room space, consider what other amenities are offered along with reserving the room. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, you enter a first-class workspace community with reception and lounge areas. Client services coordinators are on hand to help with tech issues, should they arise, answer any questions, and make your time in the space comfortable.

4. Access to Office Services 

What is a meeting room rental without other office services? Meetings do not exist in a vacuum. Coming into a space with nothing else other than furniture does not suffice. In a rental, look for access to print centers, wifi, office supplies, and more. Knowing that anything you may have forgotten or need last-minute is readily available is key to reducing stress.


5. Guest Experience

With most meetings, the one booking a space is not the only attendee. Keep the experience of others in mind when reserving a space. Look for parking availability, complimentary coffee + tea, and accessible, comfortable common spaces. A positive guest experience for all is essential. Attendees will be more open and upbeat, leading to a more productive gathering.

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, there is a meeting room space for everyone! From large to small gatherings to a more relaxed or boardroom feel, we help you find the right solution. With a guest-centered experience, tech and admin support, and clean modern spaces, no one will be looking at their watch counting down the minutes until the end! Learn more about meeting room spaces at AdvantEdge through the button below: Learn more about meeting rooms at AdvantEdge


Written by Juliana Levinson

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