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5 Steps for Planning a Company Retreat



With all the changes and disruptions over the past year and a half, there is no better time to bring your team together for a company retreat! Now that it is safe to do so, plan a gathering for colleagues to bond, collaborate, work, and have fun. No matter what type of business you are in or what type of team you have, there is a way to build a retreat for everyone. Here are five steps to take to kick off your company retreat planning! 

1. Decide the format 

There is no one size fits all solution for company retreats. For some, a week in the woods is the type of bonding everyone wants. For others, staying local with a full day of festivities works better. Figuring out the format is half of the battle of planning. You don’t need a large budget to have a good time. Depending on your goals, anything from a scavenger hunt around your city to a night camping can help your team connect. 

2. Poll the Team 

Seeking input from the team will ensure that everyone feels invested and excited about the retreat. Send out a form to ask for people to contribute ideas for the location and activities. You should also delegate! Give individuals the responsibility to plan a section of the retreat. You’ll get variety and people will feel more ownership over the whole experience. 

3. Create Objectives 


What is the purpose of the retreat? To bring remote colleagues together for the first time? To plan ahead for a busy year? To take a much-needed break to avoid burnout? Knowing the objectives of your gathering is essential to building a schedule that works. Outline what you want everyone to get out of the experience, and share it with the team for input. 

4. Build a Schedule 

An itinerary is a must for any company retreat. Outline arrival times, expectations, suggested attire, and food options. Balance out time for work with fun activities. If your retreat includes an overnight, leave downtime for team members to unwind on their own. It is important to be aware that long retreats can be a big ask for some people, so balancing the schedule is key.  

Creative business team putting hands together at the office

5. Enjoy! 

Amongst all the planning, do not forget to enjoy! While it may be stressful in the days leading up, the time spent with the team will be worth it. Retreats are a rare occurrence. Give each other your undivided attention. Focus on connecting, planning for the future, and strengthening both your relationships and the business. And don’t forget to put your feet up with a drink too! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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