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Five Tips for a Stress-Free Office Move!


Author: Gabrielle Jones

Assisting businesses with relocations is something we do every day here at AdvantEdge. Moving can be stressful, but much of that stress can be avoided with the proper planning. Jere are some tips to help make your next office move stress-free:

  • Select a point person.  Select an individual or team to handle all the details of the move. Establish a task force of key employees who can help during the moving process. Make a checklist of what needs to be done, and designate ahead of time who is going to communicate with the movers, your staff, and other entities involved in the move so no information gets lost.
  • Purge  what you don't need. Moving is an excellent time to clean house. Take inventory and get rid of extraneous equipment, papers, and other items that the office has collected. This way you’ll have fewer items to keep track of during the move.
  • Details, details. Remember the details. Update your stationary and website, let clients and vendors know your new location, plan your moving process so that you never lose access to phones or internet, and get keys for everyone. Details like these are often overlooked during a move.
  • Set-up office services. Don’t forget to move all the services you currently use or set up new services. This includes utilities, parking, FedEx pick-up, and regular deliveries like office supplies.
  • Meet with your  movers to review plans.  Actually sit down with the movers you select and confirm furniture placement, delivery time, and floor plans before moving day. Make a space plan for each room and place it on the door so the movers will know what goes where and how it should be placed. Waiting until move-in day will only frustrate the movers, your colleagues, and ultimately you.

Written by Trey Jones

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