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5 Valuable Tools That Will Make Remote Teams Happy



Many teams are working remotely for the foreseeable future. Not physically being in the same space changes the needs of your business and the way everyone works together. While there is an adjustment period, there are many incredible tools that lend themselves well to work from home lifestyles. Here are our five picks for the most valuable tools that will make remote teams happy:

AdvantEdge Workspaces for a Virtual Office Plan

AdvantEdge-_Reception_StaffA virtual workspace is perhaps the most valuable tool for a remote team. It provides your team with the amenities of a traditional office without committing to a physical space. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, a virtual office package can include services like mail forwarding, live call answering, and access to business lounges. Choosing to have a virtual office gives your remote team a centralized business identity and the administrative assistance that they need. Click below to explore different virtual office options!

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Slack to Keep Everyone Connected

Slack reigns supreme as the best way to keep your team connected while working remotely, as it houses all of your communication and tools in one spot. You can keep conversations streamlined by creating threads for different projects, teams, topics, and other areas of the business. Slack also integrates with over 2,200 apps, making it simple to share documents, links, and more. Learn more about why Slack is great for every remote team here.

Trello as a Home Base For Projects

remote-team-tools-trelloPhoto from trello.com

Trello is like having a virtual bulletin board. You can track long term dates, create subcategories for each project, assign roles, break down action items into specific steps, and track progress. Trello empowers team members to own their tasks from inception to completion. Additionally, everyone on a board can see where others are at and get a comprehensive view of the project. To see how Trello can work for your team, click here.

G Suite For Collaboration

G Suite includes the popular Google applications of docs, sheets, forms, and slides. These features allow your team to work collaboratively on anything from presentations to pivot tables. People can work on the same document simultaneously, add comments, track changes, and assign tasks. All your work saves immediately and past versions are stored. Plus, you can link to items easily in email and chats without pesky attachments and keep everything organized in Google Drive. There's no doubt that G Suite makes working on things remote easy!

Dialpad As A Work Phone


As described on their website, “Dialpad is a cloud-based business phone system that’s mobile, scalable, and affordable.” It allows your team to have a business number without needing an additional phone- calls and text go straight to your personal device. You can also get the app on your computer, which is great for those who type faster on a keyboard! Learn more about Dialpad and its numerous features here.

Written by Juliana Levinson

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