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A Virtual Office Will Cut Costs for Your Business!


Great business leaders are constantly on the lookout for ways of making their organizations more efficient, from saving money on overhead expenses to boosting productivity for their staffs, and everything in between. With AdvantEdge's Virtual Office service, you can leave all of the professional infrastructure and office maintenance to us, while you focus on running and growing your business! Being a member of a shared workspace also allows you to leverage the combined resources of many organizations for your meeting room and technology needs.
Our Virtual Office service was built specifically to support professionals who chose to work from home! AdvantEdge has over thirty years of experience as a small business in Washington, DC, so we understand how to cater to our service to the needs of other local businesses, offering flexibility that won't put a strain on your budget paired with an infrastructure that provides opportunity for your organization to grow. 

Here are a few ways that shared workspaces can give your budget a boost and save you time in the process!

1. Consistency is Key. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, your monthly rate is all-inclusive, so it stays the same every single month. Whether you have a Virtual Office or a physical workspace at AdvantEdge, this makes it easier to formulate budget projections going forward. No need to worry about fluctuating utility bills or unexpected office maintenance costs.

2. Save on Staffing. AdvantEdge’s administrative team is available to help with any projects and tasks as they arise. We have the largest on-site staff-to-client ratio among all shared workspaces in the area, so there is always someone available to lend a hand when you are in a pinch. You won’t need to hire a full-time administrative staff, but you'll still have a team in place to support you.

3.  Our Equipment = Your Equipment. It’s our responsibility to maintain and update office infrastructure, including printers, internet, and phone systems, copiers, fax machines, refrigerators, coffee machines, and anything else you might need to run an efficient and comfortable office. When something goes wrong, you won't need to troubleshoot or call into a help line, the AdvantEdge team will handle it so you can stay productive at work.  

4. Refresh Yourself. We provide complimentary tea and coffee in all of our lounge and kitchen areas. These common areas also provide a relaxing setting for your lunch break or an impromptu sit-down with a colleague. Once you become a member at AdvantEdge, you won't need to waste time leaving the office to get a coffee or waste money paying for it!



Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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