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5 Ways to Celebrate March Madness at Work



The madness is upon us! March Madness, that is. It’s a time when college basketball unites us all, whether you’re a die-hard fan or are rooting for the team that wears your favorite color. This is a season filled with friendly competition, fun gatherings, and a whole lot of watching hoops. While you might have a bracket going with your friends, we recommend bringing the madness to work. Here are five ways to hop into festivities at the office: 

1. Embrace the Madness 

While it might seem that this time of year is full of distractions, March Madness can be the perfect vehicle for bringing your team together. Embracing the madness can boost morale and help create lasting memories.

2. Give Back 

As a team, give back to an organization involved in youth sports. Basketball is not accessible to everyone but can create immense opportunities for kids on and off the court. Partner with a local organization to raise funds for equipment or give back with your time and coach a team.

3. Bet on a Bracket  

A great March Madness season begins on one sheet of paper. Encourage people to fill out brackets- even if they only know the schools by name- and see how far they can get. Be sure to post daily updates on who still has a chance at a perfect bracket!


What’s the point of filling out a bracket if there isn’t something on the line? Create prizes that the whole team will love. These can range from serious (who wins) to silly (best team mascot to make it to the end). Instead of betting cash, make the prizes work-friendly. Offer up a day off, a team lunch, or company swag. 

4. Create Connections 

March Madness is something everyone can get behind, and there is no better way to bond with coworkers than over connections with a team, sharing memories, and engaging in some friendly competition. Use this month to get to know your team better. You can also expand your celebrations to other people in your workspace or colleagues from the industry. It’s a time to reach out and connect. 

5. Enjoy Yourself 

Don’t overthink things! Enjoying March Madness requires us all to dial down our serious exteriors and let loose a bit. Take a break to attend a pizza party, shoot hoops outside after work, and head over to happy hour with friends to watch a game. 


At AdvantEdge Workspaces, embracing March Madness matches our belief that shared workspaces are more than just a place to sit for eight hours and work. It’s an annual event that everyone looks forward to. From seeing who can make the most shots at the basketball net in our lounge to celebrating the rounds with catered lunch, these three weeks are some of the best. Seeing our clients come together reminds us that March Madness is more than a way to have fun, it's about how great our community is.

Ready to celebrate March Madness at work? Check out one of our shared workspace locations today!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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