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5 Ways to Celebrate Your Team



As the world opens back up, it is becoming easier to get out and celebrate all occasions- especially those involving colleagues! It has been a tough year for everyone at work. Whether there has been major growth or the win is just staying afloat, summer is the perfect time to celebrate your team. Here are five ways you can show your appreciation:

1. Throw a Party 

Who doesn’t love to get down and celebrate? With a year of virtual parties behind us, get your team together for some IRL good times. Spaces like a local beer garden or the AdvantEdge Workspaces rooftop are perfect because you get a great place to host while supporting small businesses in the neighborhood. 

2. Give a Gift 

No, we aren’t talking about yet another water bottle with a logo on it. Give a gift that people will want to keep! Gifts can be a reflection of our relationships. To convey how much you care, don’t be afraid to get personal. Nice branded sweatshirts, gift cards to local shops and restaurants, or customized gift bags will all have your employees raving.  

3. Share Kindness

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Yes, everyone loves a gift or party on the company, but don’t forget to share why you are celebrating! Honor team members with words of affirmation and recognition. Host an awards ceremony to highlight different team member’s strengths, or have everyone write down in a card what they love about working with each other. Sharing kind words can go much farther than a bottle of wine or a party. 

4. Make Changes 

Sometimes the best way to celebrate is to make real changes in the office that have a lasting impact on your team. Adjusting policies or adding new practices can be the ultimate gift- something that keeps on giving. Consider adding another paid holiday, instituting summer Fridays, or creating once-a-month team lunches. These are all perks that everyone can benefit from and are easy to implement. 

5. Get an Upgrade


Why not celebrate by upgrading your team? In the workspace, that is! Elevate your daily working experience in a shared workspace. At AdvantEdge, we offer amenities galore, access to outdoor areas, complimentary beverages, and sleek, stylish spaces. Celebrate your team with the ultimate gift: a new workspace!


Written by Juliana Levinson

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