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5 Ways To Organize Your Workspace Based on "The Home Edit"



First, we had Marie Kondo, whose Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" inspired us to declutter our spaces and ask ourselves if items spark joy. Following in the space-transformation footsteps last year was the series “Get Organized with The Home Edit,” which showed us how to organize all the stuff we love. The show features Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit company as they help clients declutter, organize and ultimately create spaces that house everything in a visually appealing and useful way. There is no better way to start the year at work than by tackling organization in your workspace. Using The Home Edit as inspiration, here are five ways to declutter at work. 

1. Only Organize What Matters 

To effectively edit your workspace, you need to take full stock of what you are working with. Take everything out of your desk and office to start. Recycle or donate items that are no longer of any use. Then, divide what you are keeping into different groups. This practice will help you categorize everything and ensure like items stay together. 

2. Everything Has A Home 


When putting items back into your space, everything must have a proper place. Without a designated spot, your items will begin to clutter the workspace all over again. Even something as small as a paperclip should have a drawer to call home. With this system in place, you will never have to frantically sort through piles looking for something again. 

3. Keep Important Items Close 

Make sure items you reach for multiple times a day are conveniently placed. The Home Edit emphasizes using organizers within drawers or other spaces. This approach can help you keep important tools on hand in a central part of your desk without taking up too much space. Tiered tabletop pieces, drawer inserts, cord wraps, and acrylic pieces can all be good options for creating more space while remaining organized and aware of where everything is. 

4. Add Personal Touches 


Adding personal touches transforms your workspace into an area that you are happy to spend hours of your day in. Artwork, wallpaper, or even a coat of paint can liven up the walls. If you cannot make physical changes, family photos, a trinket that reminds you of something special, or even a fun mousepad can bring in smaller elements that still showcase who you are. 

5. Label Everything 

For organization tools like boxes, drawers, and folders to work, you have to know what is in them! Whether you prefer to color-code or print out words, having a system will ensure there is no question over where things belong. Take your labeling practice online, and apply the method to your inbox and documents folder as well. Labeling makes it easier to sort through items both physically and digitally, which leaves you with less time searching and more time on doing work that matters.  

Organizing your workspace will help you prioritize and be more productive. The last thing you need on top of a busy workday is to sit down at a cluttered desk that invokes stress. If you are organizing your space and realizing that you do not have enough room, or if you want a new office space to call your own, look no further than AdvantEdge Workspaces. Our office space solutions give you the environment to organize, decorate, and implement whatever systems you need to have a productive day. The best part? Offices can come fully furnished. We provide the desks, and you just have to bring the organizers of your choice. Click below to learn more about the options at AdvantEdge! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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