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6 Essential Items for Your Workspace



After you find the right workspace solution, it is time to make it your own! The things that fill our office should be for fun and function. The pieces we have become tools for a successful workday. Here are six essential items you need for your workspace: 

1. Desk With Benefits

A motorized adjustable desk allows you to stay seated or transfer seamlessly to standing when you need some movement or a posture check. This desk has a glass top that you can use to take notes on with dry-erase markers and is spacious enough to house everything from a monitor to your drinks. 


2. Organization Tray 

Combat disorganization with a catch-all tray, either on your desk or near your entryway. Use it as a place to put keys, a wallet, security fob, sunglasses, and other items you need to reach for as you go in and out of the workspace. You can even select a tray like this one, which comes with a charging pad for your phone. 

3. Health Safety Station 

We may be back to normal in the office, but health is still top of mind. Create your own sanitation station in your office to keep yourself protected. Some items to include are masks, sanitizer, cleansing wipes, and a UV disinfectant case to clean your phone. 


4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Does your one coworker chew a bit too loud? Is your deskmate always taking calls without stepping outside? If you go into an office, you need noise-canceling headphones. Nothing feels better than flipping a switch and tuning out the world at work. 

5. Fun Favorites

What is a workspace without a little fun? Bring in something that sparks joy during the day. Maybe it is a puzzle or a craft project. Perhaps you are into shooting hoops with a mini net over the door or like to challenge guests to a game of air hockey. Displaying little games and projects not only allows you to blow off some steam during the day, but they are also an excellent conversation starter. You never know if a connection might blossom over a shared passion! 


6. Personal Pieces 

Without some personal touches, an office is just a blank space. Add photos of family, friends, and pets to the walls. Hang meaningful artwork or a quote from a figure you look up to. On a more practical level, keep items in your workspace that will help your transition from your professional to personal life. Keeping different outfits on hand enables you to run from work to drinks, a workout class, or a school function.

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, you can customize our spaces to fit your needs and wants. Bring just your laptop or a storage unit of items- it is up to you! From a coworking desk to a private suite, rearrange, decorate, and add in pieces as you see fit. For everything that can’t go into the office, there are a plethora of amenities, such as massage chairs and lounge spaces. 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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