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6 Fun Halloween Activities for Work



It seems like just the other day the summer season was in full swing, and now Halloween is less than a week away! Whether you are just in it for the candy or celebrate all month long, there are fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Here are some spooktacular ideas for Halloween festivities at the office: 

1. (Not So) Tricky Games

Playing tricks on coworkers is no fun, but some tricky games are a whole other story. Try your hand at some challenging Halloween-themed trivia or a murder mystery. You’ll laugh, relax, have fun, and work together in an after-hours event that is guaranteed to bring (friendly) tricks.  

2. Treats Galore

Let’s be honest: most adults are into Halloween for the treats. Candy from childhood, miniature versions of everything, pumpkin-shaped sweets- the delights are endless. Celebrating with treats is for everyone with a major sweet tooth! Try a candy taste test, vote on everyone’s favorite pieces, make fall-themed grazing boards, see who can produce the best pumpkin spice latte at a morning meeting, or send a spooky candy gram to others in the workspace. No matter how old we get, sweets brighten anyone’s day. 


3. Pumpkin Party

Halloween can be synonymous with fright nights and horror, but it is also a symbol of the fall season. Host a pumpkin carving (or decorating, for less mess) party for some good clean fun. Take things up a notch by making it a contest for the best pumpkin or provide themes to push people out of their creative comfort zones. It is great for team bonding and you’ll head home with new decor! 

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4. Halloween Happy Hour 

Nothing is scarier than a holiday going by without a proper party to celebrate. Throw a “horror hour” with Halloween takes on happy hour classics. Think blood-red beverages, a cheese board made to look like a crime scene, and themed nods to classic scary flicks. Encourage team members to join in on the fun- if they dare!


5. Costume Couture 

Take Halloween back to your childhood roots, when it was all about the costume. Whether you come up with something elaborate or simple and clever, group costumes are a great way to build camaraderie on your team. Group costumes also take the pressure off of individuals to find something in their own time. Plus, you get some cool pictures to use until next year! 

6. Family Fun

Whether you have kids or fur babies, Halloween is all about having fun with loved ones. If possible, bring family members in after hours for trick or treating around the workspace. Or, rent a meeting room space to have a movie night. After the 31st, create a chat to debrief and provide a space where everyone can share images from the night before. 

No matter what, be respectful and have fun this Halloween! Participate as much as you’d like, or pop in for some candy. From the fall fun route to the more spooky side, Halloween at work should be about having lighthearted good times and enjoying each other’s company. In a shared workspace like AdvantEdge you can have office fun and enjoy celebrating with others. 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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