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6 Shared Workspace Essentials You Need



We all know the standard office essentials: a notebook, computer, pens, and maybe even a plant. In a shared workspace, all of the standard items are necessary, but there are a few other things you may want to incorporate. Shared workspaces give you all of the benefits of a personal office space, but with some extra perks. Here are six essentials specifically for those who work in a shared workspace: 

1. Business Cards and Info 

You never know who you might run into in the halls, lounge, or lobby. Keep personal business cards, or cards with info about your work, on hand at all times. Whether you are looking for a potential partnership or want to share more about what you do, business cards are an easy way to connect with others. To add extra information, put a QR code linking to social pages or a website on the card! 

2. Fueling Food 

A major perk to a shared workspace is robust lounge and kitchen areas. Bring your own mug(s) to keep at the office to take advantage of complimentary coffee and tea (we won’t judge if you go back for a second or third cup). With access to a fridge, you can easily bring lunch from home or keep perishable snack and meal items safe. A full-service kitchen helps relieve the stress of packing food every day of the work week. 

3. Go Portable

Work from anywhere 3

Just because you have a private workspace or desk does not mean you have to stay there all day! Shared workspaces have a variety of areas, such as lounge rooms, quiet spaces, outdoor seating, and more. Keep and laptop or tablet at your desk that is connected to your work accounts. That way, you can leave everything at your desk undisturbed and take work on the go. 

4. Headphones

This item is pretty self-explanatory! From co-working desks to working from a lounge space, you may need to block out noise from others. Headphones, especially noise-canceling ones, are essential. Flip the switch and escape into your own bubble. It will make working from anywhere a breeze and ensures that other people don’t get on your nerves!

5. Outfit Change


In shared workspaces, you never know when something fun might happen during the workday! Some of the most common activities are related to wellness. Keep a comfortable pair of clothes to change into for a lunchtime class or after-work sweat session. 

6. Touches of Home

Make the workspace your own! Just because you are in a shared office space solution does not mean your space has to look drab. Bring in photographs, art, decor pieces... anything, really! Click here to learn more about how to decorate in a shared workspace. 

Looking to live the shared workspace life? Learn more about AdvantEdge and hear from decades of happy clients by clicking the link below.


Written by Juliana Levinson

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