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6 Ways To Boost Your Energy During the Work Day



While March promises warmer days ahead, it can also be a time when we give into the slump at work. Without any major days off, getting through the day can be difficult this time of year. Well, it is time to kick things up a notch! Shake off the slump with these six ways to boost your energy during the work day.

1. Dose of Caffeine 

Old faithful- caffeine is sometimes what one needs as a pick-me-up during the day. Brew a fresh cup of coffee or tea, try a new energy drink, or explore new caffeine-infused snack bars like Verb

2. Everyday Wellness 

wellness walk

Make wellness a part of your routine for lasting changes to your energy levels at work. Exercise in the morning, eat breakfast, take a walking meeting, adjust your sleep schedule- there are many ways to increase your wellness. Everyone is different and will have a unique solution. Not sure where to start? Click here for wellness tips in the workplace. 

3. Hit the Gym 

A workout can turn your energy levels around, even if you are having a lazy day. Whether you lift weights or walk on the treadmill, hit the gym during your lunch break for a valuable boost. 

4. Stay Hydrated 


Hydration is at the core of wellness at work- without it, you can feel sluggish. Quench your thirst with daily water intake goals, and make it fun with a special water bottle. Don’t like the taste of water? Flavor with specialty packets, fruit, or tea. Make it a game by tracking your progress or having an office-wide challenge. And most importantly, choose a space with a nice lounge area where you have access to crisp, filtered water all day long. 

5. Focus on Nutrition

In order to feel energetic at work, we need to give our bodies the fuel that they need. Stay full and productive with healthy, balanced meals. If your workspace has a full-service lounge space, meal prep at home and bring in everything you need for the week. You can also subscribe to a meal delivery service like Daily Harvest for ready-to-eat meals. Or, hit up a local cafe for a filling sandwich and salad. Be sure to switch up things frequently to ensure eating healthy stays enjoyable! 

6. Incorporate Motivation


Sometimes energy is a mindset, not just about how much we are moving or eating. Listen to a self-development podcast while you work through your to-do list. Cross off personal items from your agenda during a break. Put inspirational quotes and goals where you’ll see them daily. Surrounding yourself with this type of motivation and productivity will help increase your overall energy. 

This spring, keep your energy levels boosted with AdvantEdge Workspaces! With complimentary coffee and tea, large spacious offices, and amenities like full-service gyms, it is nearly impossible to find yourself in a slump. Click below to learn more today: 

Wellness @ AdvantEdge 

Written by Juliana Levinson

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