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6 Ways to Tidy up Your Work Life This Spring


tidy-up-work-life-this-springDespite chilling temperatures in D.C. yesterday, the Cherry Blossoms have bloomed are there is no doubt that spring has sprung! This season is all about renewal- meaning it’s the perfect time to take stock of things you’d like to refresh or change, especially when it comes to the office. Here are six reasons to tidy up both mentally and physically at work this season!

1. Keep Everything Safe and Secure

private office with logoThe contents of your office are safer when the space is organized. You shouldn’t have to search for a confidential document or accidentally have sensitive information in one of the piles on your desk. Tidying up creates a proper space for private materials. Use a locked file cabinet or designate a specific area for these items so you never have another panicked moment again wondering if you lost something.

2. Re-evaluate Best Practices

Maybe you need a new billing system, way to do your taxes, or are looking for opportunities to streamline your day through various apps. Think of everything that has frustrated your or made you say “there must be a better way!” throughout the past year. If there is an app or other systems that can help alleviate those issues, now is the time to switch!

3. Keep Relationships Healthy

20141231011907-networkingIs there a business card for someone you want to get coffee with that’s been sitting on your desk for three months? Or does one coworker always stop by your office and chat for too long?

Good or bad, it’s time to tidy up your work relationships. Reach out to people who you’ve been meaning to get to know better. It only takes a minute to send an email to set up a coffee date! On the other hand, if someone is bothering you at work, go to a higher up or create your own system, such as putting a sign on your door when you cannot be disturbed. Work relationships can be tough to navigate, but bettering them will help your overall work life.

4. Reboot Your Tech Life

Do you feel overwhelmed at the site of your desktop? Has your computer screen never met a cleaning wipe? If the answer is yes, then it is time to reboot your tech life inside and out. For the interior, set aside an hour or two and go through your inbox and hard drive. Delete random files or pictures you saved for one-time purposes and put old documents on an external hard drive. This will make it easier to find things you truly need now.

Clean the outside of your electronics with the proper cloth and a can of pressurized air to get those nooks and crannies in your keyboard. You’ll feel like you have a brand new laptop afterword!

5. Set the Physical Tone

homepage-hero-cc-office-spaceYou can do this by switching up furniture, adding in some personal decor, and consolidating and categorizing work materials. Also, use the “4-month rule” as a guide in redoing your space. If you have not used something in four months, recycle or donate it!

6. Give Yourself The Tools To Keep It Going

What is the point of tidying up your work life if you can only keep it going for a month or so? When going through the aforementioned steps this spring, think about the big picture. Does your workspace allow for you to make these positive changes? Are the physical spaces beyond your office modern and organized?

You’ll want to make sure that your larger workspace environment is conducive to the changes you want to make. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, our clients can switch up their individual office spaces however they please! The lounge areas are perfect for meeting new people and building relationships. To tie everything together, live call reception, mail services, and client service coordinators are all here to make your life easier.

At AdvantEdge, we make it easy for you to keep your work life “tidy” all year round!

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Topics: Productivity

Written by Juliana Levinson

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