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6 Workspace Conveniences We Can’t Live Without



Many workplace amenities look shiny and fun, such as ping pong tables in common areas or drawers filled with endless snacks. But at the end of the day, what does one truly need in a workspace to make life convenient? Here are the top six perks that AdvantEdge members cannot live without! 

1. Customizable Spaces 

Drab cubicles, be gone! The freedom to switch up spaces is so important for comfort and style. Infuse a space with your brand identity, add touches of home, and make the furniture work for you. The convenience of making a space your own is unmatched when it comes to feeling good at work. 

2. Call Answering 

How many times have you been interrupted by a ringtone? Phones are essential for communication but can be distracting in the workplace. Call answering services puts a boundary between you and business callers. Provide customized voicemails and instructions to client services coordinators, who will handle every call professionally. Click here for more info! 

your phone 4

3. Mail Services 

Hunting down packages, staying in the office to sign for the mail, and refreshing tracking numbers is not how anyone wants to spend their day. Worrying about mail takes away from productivity. At AdvantEdge, client services coordinators conveniently handle all mail services, signing, sorting, storing, and delivering all items. Learn more about this workspace convenience here

4. Complimentary Tea and Coffee 

Let’s be honest, the real MVP of most people’s work days is caffeine. Not needing to step outside the office or budget for your morning (and afternoon) fix is a huge convenience. Choose a space like AdvantEdge where old coffee pots are a thing of the past. Instead, choose from a selection of handcrafted espresso beverages, teas, and indulgent hot chocolate. Bring your own mug or use one here, and sip away. 


5. Print Centers 

No one ever realizes how much print centers matter until they have experienced the frustration of trying to get a physical copy of a document. With modern print centers, you can scan, fax, and print worry-free. In a shared workspace, the center is maintained, so you never have to worry about running out of paper, ink, or getting disconnected. 

6. Easy Commutes 

The worst way to start the day is by sitting in traffic or needing to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to leave enough time to get to the workspace. At AdvantEdge, two centrally-located DC spots make commuting a breeze for all clients. There are attached parking garages for people in the suburbs, bus stops outside that service multiple lines, metro stations less than a 5-minute walk away, and bike share docking stations on the block. No matter where you live in DC, it's easy and stress-free to come to the office. 

metro view

What is your must-have workspace convenience? Sound off in the comments below. See an item on this list that your work life is currently lacking? Click below to schedule a tour of our spaces and see why AdvantEdge clients can’t live without these workspace perks! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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