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7 Things To Love About a Shared Workspace



Love is in the air….when it comes to how we feel about our workspaces, that is! No one should dread going into the office. This Valentine’s Day, forget a box of chocolates and get yourself the workspace you deserve. AdvantEdge has been serving satisfied and happy clients for over 30 years. Over the decades, seven things have stood out as reasons why people love working here:   

1. A Special Community 

AdvantEdge Community Purple

Above all else, what makes a shared workspace experience different is the aspect of a community. We love coming to work each day alongside like-minded individuals. It’s a professional space, but you’ll still be able to kick back at a happy hour or find a friend to catch up with while making coffee. AdvantEdge is more than a workspace, it is a family! 

2. Flexibility 

Especially in these uncertain times, the flexibility of a shared workspace is extremely valuable. As your business needs change, we have the space to accommodate you, whether it is moving to a private suite or renting a coworking desk for a freelancer. You can also be flexible with the time you are in the space, seamlessly adjusting schedules to be daily or monthly in different types of workspaces.

3. Support Staff


AdvantEdge Workspaces has a secret weapon- our client services coordinators, who are the heart and soul of our operations. They help with standard office tasks for clients, such as personalized call answering, mail services, and maintaining a professional reception area. But the coordinators also go above and beyond, be it delivering snacks as a spontaneous afternoon pick-me-up to taking on projects such as logo design for clients. There is truly nothing they cannot do! 

4. Amenities Galore 

Want a latte in the morning? Looking to hit the treadmill during your lunch break? Need to decompress with a massage chair? A shared workspace provides small business owners like yourself with big-business amenities. Even getting to work is easier at AdvantEdge, with parking, metro, buses, and Capital Bikeshares all steps from our two locations. 

5. Prioritizing Wellness 


Wellness used to be our weekly exercise classes, state of the art gym access, mental health programming, and healthy refreshment options. Now, it also means keeping ourselves distanced and practicing CDC-recommended protocols. With minimized touchpoints, private office space, mask policies, and frequent sanitization and cleaning of all spaces, you can feel confident walking into work, knowing that wellness is our top priority in every sense. 

6. The Latest Technology 

No lag time or choppy Zoom reception in this shared workspace! With high speed, reliable WiFi, and the latest technological capabilities in our meeting rooms, AdvantEdge is able to meet any digital needs. From hooking up your personal systems to video conferencing with multi-screen AV set-up, you’ll wonder how you ever made it work at home. 

7. The Tools to Level Up 


A shared workspace exists to help you take your business to the next level. At AdvantEdge, it is our job to empower you and provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals. Whether it is dedicated meeting room space, a professional set-up with little hassle (you need space this week? No problem!), administrative support, or even a business address or virtual office solution- we are here to help you! 

There is so much to love about working at AdvantEdge Workspaces! With life’s constant ups and downs, it’s great to have a consistent office space that makes us love going to work (even if doing work is another story). Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day with a workspace upgrade! Click below to schedule a tour to see how you can show your business some love this year. 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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