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7 Ways To Enjoy Halloween at Work



Halloween is a spooktacular occasion to have some fun at work! While the holiday occurs during the weekend this year, celebrate on Friday to cap off the week with some tricks and treats. Here are seven ways to make Halloween a holiday to remember at the office: 

1. Treat Yourself 

Halloween doesn’t have to only be about sugary treats. Put an adult spin and treat yourself to some self-care this Halloween. Take a break for some time to recharge during lunch, put on a festive face mask, or indulge in a festive autumnal drink after work. Unsure of the best way to unwind? Here’s our guide to self-care at work. 

2. Play Some Tricks 

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We can’t have treats without some tricks! Friendly tricks, that is. There are many silly and non-harmful ways to spook your colleagues. Throw a fake spider in a drawer, change your voicemail to a creepy horror message, or craft a creative automatic email reply with a spooky tale. 

3. Do Good 

Halloween is a great time to give back to the community, particularly to children’s organizations. Ensure every kid gets to have a fun holiday by donating candy, making cards, or putting together goodie bags. It only takes a small amount of time but can put a huge smile on someone’s face. 

4. Dress Up

The classic Halloween celebration is to dress up in a costume. Whether you put on a sports jersey and call it a day or carefully plan out an elaborate outfit in advance, it can be so fun to go to work in something different! Host a friendly competition for best dressed (with prizes such as a day off) and enjoy having a laugh with your team. 

5. Head Out Early 

Especially with work celebrations on a Friday, heading out early is always an appropriate way to celebrate. Let everyone kick-start the weekend early with a mid-to-late afternoon release. More time to put up some fake cobwebs or do last-minute pumpkin carving! 

6. Bring in the Kids 

Whether you have a child or a fur baby, involving little ones is a great way to feel the holiday spirit. Host a trick-or-treat event where each office is a different “house.” You can also do a costume parade for everyone to show off their looks! 

7. Celebrate With Your Workspace 


The best way to celebrate Halloween is together. Using a shared workspace means every holiday is more fun! At AdvantEdge, we bring the community together with activities like pumpkin carving, office decorating, and of course, candy distribution. 

Looking for something new? See how you can make some spooktacular changes to your work life at AdvantEdge! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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