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7 Ways To Use Office Lounge Space



Office lounge spaces can be some of the most underutilized work areas, if not properly configured and promoted. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, lounges are a destination for all sorts of activities and connections. Here are seven ways to use lounge spaces, from the traditional to the unexpected.  

1. Change of Scenery

If you cannot fathom sitting at your desk for one more second, it is time to go to the lounge! Bring your laptop or paperwork, fix yourself a drink or snack, and claim a table. Lounges bring new views and interactions. It is the perfect space to help divide up your day! 

2. Casual Meeting

Tired of sitting in large meeting rooms, barely filling them up? Lounge spaces are a great alternative for meeting with colleagues and clients. While communal, the area is professional, and all users are respectful of others. Easily offer up guests complimentary tea or coffee, then grab a seat. From tables to more relaxed chairs, you’ll be meeting in comfort. 

3. Socialize and Network 

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In a shared workspace, lounges are a hub for community activity. Take the long way back to your desk and stroll through the space to see who is around. Or, use it as a neutral meeting place to connect with other clients. It is the workspace place to see and be seen- a perfect escape from a long workday or an opportunity to meet others if self-employed. The connections are endless!  

4. Coworker Catch-Up

Everyone has had an awkward conversation perched on the corner of someone else’s desk. Well, those interactions are a thing of the past with ample, comfortable lounge spaces. Move your coworker catch-ups to the lounge for a place more conducive to conversation. Plus, it is an excuse to help yourself to a second cup of coffee. 

5. Lunch or Coffee Break 


Gone are the lounge spaces with an ancient coffee pot that only works half of the time. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, there are full espresso and tea machines in every lounge! Stay hydrated (and caffeinated) with plentiful options. You can even keep your favorite mug from home in the cabinet. With a full-service kitchen space, it is easy to bring in your lunch from home! Clients also keep their favorite condiments in the fridge, so you’ll never be without that dash of hot sauce or a sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning. 

6. Host an Event 

Did you know you can reserve a lounge space for your next event? The wide, open spaces can be configured however you like. Keep the tables as-is for dining or seating, or remove them to accommodate more guests. Utilize the kitchen appliances for catering and keeping drinks chilled. Bring in music, decor, and anything else needed to make the event pop. Learn more about hosting a party at AdvantEdge here

7. Relax and Recharge 


Lounges are more than just a space for working and connecting, they can be an area for recharging, too. Read a chapter of your book or the morning paper over a cup of coffee. Turn off your phone before meeting with a friend. Or, simply take a pause and some deep breaths while getting a beverage. Time for yourself during the day is just as important as the time you spend working. 

AdvantEdge Workspaces clients are encouraged to make the most of every amenity and space at their disposal- and lounges are no exception. Whether you are a client or looking for a more versatile space, our modern and clean lounge spaces are the perfect destination for any activity. Take a tour today and check them out for yourself!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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