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8 Reasons to Choose Coworking Over the Cafe!


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Many of us have tried working in our local coffee shop, but that doesn't compare to having a quiet and professional atmosphere where you can really get things done! Here are eight reasons to choose coworking over the cafe:

1. Personal space.

Just because you are coworking doesn’t mean you have to share everything! AdvantEdge can provide you with a dedicated desk where you can safely leave your computer and other belongings to save yourself the hassle.

2. Stop paying for tea and coffee.

A membership at AdvantEdge comes with complimentary tea and coffee, seltzer, and flavored waters in our lounge areas!

3. Tap into a professional network.

Work alongside other driven individuals who are building their own businesses and careers. You never know what connection might help you grow your business or open the door to an exciting new opportunity.

4. No distractions.

Work in a quiet and professional environment, without the hustle and bustle of people entering and leaving every other minute.

5. Modern meeting rooms.

If you’ve had a meeting at a coffee shop there was probably a group of teenagers gossiping to your left, somebody chewing a little too loud to your right and a gentleman having a boisterous phone conversation right behind you. At AdvantEdge enjoy modern, technologically equipped conference rooms to accommodate meetings of all sizes and styles. Meeting rooms come with whiteboards and media for Powerpoint presentations and conference calls to promote effective and creative sessions.

6. Save money on equipment.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a coffee shop that has a printer/copier/scanner.

7. Top-notch administrative support.

AdvantEdge can handle your incoming and outgoing mail, receive your calls, and provide an on-site notary public.

8. High-Speed Wifi

It’s our job to make your business run quicker and smoother, we make sure our Wifi is up to the task!

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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