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A Guide to Pets and the Workplace



Whether you work in a pet-friendly space or at home alongside your furry companion, there is no doubt that pets can positively impact a work experience. Feeling like you have to sacrifice time with your furry companion to be your best self at work? Then you need to keep reading to discover all the workspace solutions available to pet parents! 

If your workspace allows animals, even only for emergencies, it is important to be prepared. First off, not every animal will be comfortable in a work environment. As an owner, you know your pet best- do not put them in uncomfortable situations just for convenience. Second, ensure your coworkers or those in your immediate space are ok with a furry visitor and do not have any allergies. Third, prep a workspace pet station with a controlled area for food, quiet toys, and cleaning supplies. Take lots of walks throughout the day. Pets in the office should be a welcome addition, not a distraction. 


With all of the “pandemic pups” and other pets from the early days of lockdown, many animals and owners have gotten used to being around each other at home. For many pet owners, their animals are reason enough to need a hybrid or remote work schedule. An article from Time shared that 67% of surveyed pet owners would consider looking for a new job if they were no longer able to work remotely. Given this shift in workplace expectations, coworking or virtual office services are growing in popularity. With a professional business address, call answering services, and on-demand desks and meeting rooms, you can spend more time at home without sacrificing traditional office benefits you desire. Have a day full of calls? Head in for a few hours to a coworking desk. Need to meet with others but don’t want pets to interrupt? Meeting room rentals are the solution for you. No matter the situation, there is a way shared workspaces can help.


Another aspect of balancing pet ownership with working in an office would be an easy commute. Imagine if you could walk the dog in the middle of the day, or spend more time together in the morning instead of commuting. Workspaces with convenient locations, access to public transportation, and parking options are a huge plus for pet owners. Taking lunch breaks at home is possible when a commute is under 15-minutes. Or, be able to get home faster at the end of the day for that evening walk or playtime. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, two prime locations in D.C. make it easy to spend more time with your pets- you can even bring them to one of the many nearby green spaces! 

Overall, bringing pets to work is not always an option, but making your work lifestyle more pet-friendly is! With a shared workspace, the office solutions are endless. Pets bring such important value into our lives, and ultimately can help us be the best employee possible. Get more time back with them with workspace solutions that are conducive to pet parent needs. Click below to learn more about how AdvantEdge Workspaces can help you and fido! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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