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Easily Accommodate New Employees in 2019


new-employeesIs your business thinking about adding a few new employees in 2019? Do you have the space on-hand to help them feel settled and welcomed in a new office environment? With AdvantEdge Workspaces there is no need to worry about expanding to accommodate more employees!

We work with you to provide top notch, modern workspaces for your business. We can help with new employees as well as seasonal interns and make sure your staff has enough workspace to function efficiently and comfortably anytime throughout your term.

Help new employees settle into a new role at your company with fully-furnished office space they can call their own. We also have open plan business lounges available anytime to mix up your work environment and network with other organizations within the suite.

Serviced workspaces such as ours provide offices that are cost-effective for temporary use, cubicles ideal for part-time employees, and private spaces that can be reserved hourly or daily for co-workers visiting from out-of-town.

Serviced workspaces host a number of office options to accommodate both short-term and long-term requests when it comes to adding new staff. We understand that bringing on new staff is an addition to your company culture and a new layer to an existing system.

We’ll work with you to provide additional workspace for new staff and we’ll take care of setting up their phone, Internet services, and building access, making your move in a breeze.

AdvantEdge Workspaces can ensure your company doesn’t miss a beat with professional yet flexible short-term and temporary office space in Washington DC. Our flexible terms mean your employees can stay for as long as they need to without having to worry about being pushed out.

We’ll work with you to take care of the logistics beforehand so that your new employees can hit the ground running. For more information about temporary and short-term workspaces to accommodate your company’s growth click the button below. Welcome your talented individuals to AdvantEdge today!

Written by Sara Bucknam

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