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How to Find Affordable Office Space in Washington, DC


In a city as large and fast paced as Washington, DC it may seem daunting to start the search for affordable office space, especially with a modest budget. What may seem like an "affordable" deal in the beginning could later prove to be more costly due to add-ons, extra fees, and long-term leases. However, it is possible to find affordable office space in DC—you just have to know how to do it.

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Five Steps to Finding Affordable Office Space in DC

Here are five guidelines to follow when searching for your dream office space:

  1. Be open-minded: There are two routes you can take when searching for affordable office space in Washington, DC. Traditional leases provide empty office spaces where the "do-it-yourself" mentality is crucial to setting up. Traditional leases require the renter to bring all their own furniture, telephone, Internet, printing, and copying equipment as well as provide their own staff for reception and administrative tasks. But if you choose a business center, such as AdvantEdge, all of these business support services are included and set up as a "one-stop shop" for businesses looking to move in stress-free and get to work right away.

  2. Location matters: Affordable office space is everywhere in Washington, DC. When considering a move keep in mind which neighborhoods offer easy access to public transportation for the benefit of both your employees and out-of-town guests. Look at hotels nearby, restaurants, and other establishments that could factor in to your business's success. At AdvantEdge, we have three prime DC office locations.

  3. Consider the flexibility of the space for growth or changing needs: Down the road your business might need to expand, your company might be looking for a different space, or you might need a few more phone lines. Business centers in Washington, DC provide the flexibility of adapting office space to your growing business needs without the liability of a long-term lease. At AdvantEdge, we also have resources and connections to assist your business at multitudes of locations across the country and around the world.

  4. Time is money: Would you rather spend your first week in your new office space waiting for furniture deliveries and phone/Internet set ups or would you like to come in on your first day, have a seat at your new desk, and get to work? Traditional leases leave all the utilities such as sorting out Internet issues and searching for the right copier toner up to the renter. Business centers like AdvantEdge have staff on-site, therefore, if something goes wrong a staff member can fix it right away leaving you to focus on your own work at hand.

  5. Square footage is money: To create the most affordable office space, business centers often house multiple companies which then split the cost of conference rooms, copy/mail rooms, lobbies, lounges, and kitchen/break room spaces so that renters do not need to purchase more square footage to get the full office experience. The same applies to copiers/printers/fax machines, and more—why pay for expensive equipment yourself when you can share the cost with others and spend a lot less? Learn more about coworking offices »

Tour Our Affordable Office Space in DC

What does this all mean? When shopping for affordable office space in Washington, DC you may need to reconsider what "affordable" means. Because you may encounter differences between the prices of traditional leases and business center spaces, you should keep in mind a list of your company's anticipated needs and also consider any extras that appear in your vision of the perfect office space. When you choose AdvantEdge Business Centers you’ll get the benefit of our attention to detail, bundled services, customized office space, and "one-stop shop" design as well as affordable office space in high end real estate districts in Washington DC. Contact us today to schedule a tour!

Written by Gabrielle Jones

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