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What Amenities & Features Attract Millennials to Office Space?


amenities for millennialsMillennials currently represent more than a third of the workforce, making them the largest generation in the US Labor Force. They pushed ahead of Generation X in 2016, and the rising percentage of the workforce that is comprised of Millennials is projected to continue on this fastrack upwards. Amazingly, by 2025, 75% of the workforce is expected to be Millennials!


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These statistics have led to much discussion (and debate) regarding how best to recruit and retain the talented minds of this generation. One way to achieve this is to focus on the amenities and features within the workplace that appeal to the Millennial mindset. We examine six of them below:

Ergonomic Office Options

Creating an ergonomic office space is more than just a trend or a fad when most of the hours of your day are spent at work. Being comfortable becomes a necessity. While sitting behind a desk for hours at a time you are more vulnerable to problems with your wrists, neck and back without the proper equipment and accessories for prevention measures.

Furniture such as office chairs with armrests that provide lumbar support and incorporating sit-to-stand desks are quick fixes that will benefit any office. Having a functional and comfortable workspace will increase the overall morale and boost productivity in the office space in addition to promoting a healthy workplace.

On-Site Fitness Center

Healthy and happy employees make better workers. Millennials are often more engaged in fitness than previous generations. The most common way to achieve wellness through an activity is going to the gym.

Increased energy and a positive mindset will allow for a higher level of productivity and better work ethic. “ Employees who spent 2.5 hours a week being physically active were satisfied with the quantity and quality of their work, reported increase work ability and took less sick time than employees who did not engage in physical activity.” A gym in the workplace is a captivating feature to attract millennial employees and retain existing staff.

Assorted Coffee, Tea & Snacks

In most offices, coffee seems to be the center of vitality. To many avid fans, it gives them life to start the day. Having a variety of options gives Millennials the freedom to choose the flavor that fuels their day. Coffee is a part of a daily routine, and providing it as an amenity means one less thing employees have to worry about.

Let’s not forget our tea drinkers! For such a health-conscious generation, herbal tea is a fantastic alternative to coffee. During a stressful day at work, a cup of tea may be just what is needed to put things into perspective (not to mention all the health benefits it can offer). Tea both relaxes and uplifts you to relieve you of fatigue from long hours in the office.

Keeping employees happy with beverage and snack options is not just a trend. A kitchen stocked with healthy, tasty snacks and drinks can be the first thing that prospective Millennials look for when coming into an office space and the first thing they miss when thinking of switching companies.

An Entertaining Breakroom

A breakroom is a great space to gain some relief from the stresses of work. But what piques the interest of Millennials is not just a room with tables and chairs. Having a relaxing space with a television and a few activities is a feature that will help your office space stand out from the others.

Designing the room with designated sections helps allocate specific areas for relaxation. For example, a section for eating; a putting green and/or a foosball table; a nook for reading or taking a phone call are just a few features that millennial employees will gravitate to when looking for peace-of-mind at work.

On-Site Parking & Bike Racks

To offer parking as an option for clients is a valuable perk for many office spaces, especially in major cities. Alternatively, an office space in a rural area can enhances the appreciation of riding a bike to work. For Millennials, this is a workout and an environmentally friendly form of transportation all in one. Indoor bike racks provide the security and ensures that safety is being taken into consideration.

Natural Light & A View

A good view with natural light can make almost anyone feel a little brighter. Not only are they appealing, but a view takes away a claustrophobic feeling of being enclosed in four walls. Having large windows gives exposure to the daylight which can make a small space seem bigger.

Millennials are attracted to office spaces that make them feel at home. Offering amenities and features that showcase their unique preferences are a sure way to attract and retain potential and current employees. Offering them can help boost morale, productivity and efficiency.

Even making a few changes can make a big difference! Incorporating these amenities will set your office space apart from the rest, attracting Millennial interest and retaining current staff as well.

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Written by Aaliyah Bowman

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