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Crafting a Healthy Work Environment: Factors to Consider

By AdvantEdge on 09.27.18

More than eighty percent of Americans are sitting at least 8 hours per day, and this pattern is taking a monumental health toll on our bodies. Your office components- the furniture, the color, and even the lighting - each make a difference and leave an impact on your short term, and long term mental and physical wellness.

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Embrace the Right Technology for Small Business Efficiency

By AdvantEdge on 09.15.17

Guest Author: Beth Kotz

Small business owners are pros at doing “more” with “less.” When you’re at the helm of your own enterprise, efficiency is key, and every dollar spent must yield new opportunities.

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Managing Negative Cash Flows Through Shared Office Space

By AdvantEdge on 10.08.15

For early-stage companies reliant on outside funding, the massive up-front costs of acquiring your own office space can prove a seemingly unsustainable burden. When trying to exercise as much financial prudence as possible, the last thing you want to do is take on a long-term liability, but with a traditional lease, you’re left with little choice. Your company has to work somewhere, but how can you manage cash flows appropriately while still getting the environment you need? Shared office space can prove the perfect solution for startups, keeping costs low over time, and even lower up front.

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AdvantEdge Launches New Look and Online Presence

By AdvantEdge on 10.06.15

For over 27 years AdvantEdge Business Centers has provided the best quality personal service and flexible workspace to small businesses in Washington DC. As a part of continuing that history of excellence, while always looking to address the workplace of the future, AdvantEdge has unveiled a new website and new look. Rich with new features and interwoven with the story of AdvantEdge, our new site blends modern features with our tried and true practice of delivering the best in client service.

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Tactics for Successful Meetings

By AdvantEdge on 03.17.15

Meetings are a crucial part of business success. A productive meeting can be the difference between earning a new client, or losing a valuable opportunity. Meetings are also a great way to bring staff together and keep your employees working towards the same goals. To make your meeting go as smoothly as possible follow these tips and host your meeting in a professional conference space that compliments your business objectives.

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How Temporary Office Space Can Work for You

By AdvantEdge on 02.19.15

Are you new to Washington DC and don't have an office yet? Is construction outside of your current office killing productivity? Holding meetings in your home office or video conferencing from your hotel bed may be comfortable, but it is a far cry from professional.

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Renovation of 4th Floor Suite Complete at Chevy Chase Location

By AdvantEdge on 02.17.15

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 17, 2015– AdvantEdge Business Centers completed a one-year renovation project at the largest of their three Washington, DC business centers, located in the Chevy Chase Pavilion Building.

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Are you Having Enough Fun? Balancing Work and Play in the Office

By AdvantEdge on 06.25.14

Much has been made of the work life balance, but what about balancing work and play while at the office? Is there a way to mesh these two ideas that boosts productivity? How much distraction is too much?  The truth is that a lot depends on the culture of your company and the nature of your work, but the bottom line is that introducing a bit of fun can often give employees an extra jolt and help keep them more focused overall.

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AdvantEdge Expands: New Floor for Chevy Chase Center

By AdvantEdge on 05.22.14

AdvantEdge Business Centers is proud to have completed its newest expansion in the Chevy Chase Pavilion, a 6,800 sq ft portion of the 9th floor. The space offers a fully serviced reception area, kitchen, work room, and a mix of 15 private offices and suites. The location within the Chevy Chase Pavilion takes AdvantEdge’s total occupancy in the building to over 50,000 sq ft.

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How to Manage Small Business IT

By AdvantEdge on 04.29.14

How many times has faulty internet or a busted printer prevented you from getting work done at a critical time? How do you avoid the frustrations of IT setup and management from derailing the growth of your business? How can you acquire scalable IT infrastructure and avoid large up-front costs? While Business Centers and Executive suites can mean the ultimate in flexibility for physical space, they can also provide an opportunity to responsibly scale your technology and IT while providing time-saving on-site assistance. 

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