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Gabrielle Jones

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How to Find Affordable Office Space in Washington, DC

By Gabrielle Jones on 08.15.13

In a city as large and fast paced as Washington, DC it may seem daunting to start the search for affordable office space, especially with a modest budget. What may seem like an "affordable" deal in the beginning could later prove to be more costly due to add-ons, extra fees, and long-term leases. However, it is possible to find affordable office space in DC—you just have to know how to do it.

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The Benefits of Virtualization

By Gabrielle Jones on 05.31.13

Whether you have a start-up business or an established company, finding the perfect office space is key to your success. One of the best ways to find your ideal office space is to choose a virtual office. Choosing to have your business go virtual may be just what you need to jump-start your success or help your company evolve. Virtual office space in Washington, DC offers your business a professional address and phone number without the expense and rigidity of a dedicated office. Virtualization has big benefits for your business.

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What to Look For in Office Space

By Gabrielle Jones on 05.29.13

When you’re looking for new office space for your company, you need to consider a number of different factors, such as size, price, versatility, features, and more—and it can be an overwhelming task. In a city like Washington, DC where most people aren’t DC natives, even finding a suitable location for your office space can be difficult. That’s why AdvantEdge Business Centers has a list of what to look for in office space in DC to help make your search hassle-free.

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DC Executive Suites: Perfect for Communications & PR Companies

By Gabrielle Jones on 05.24.13

Meet Dale Curtis Communications, LLC, a premier provider of public relations and editorial services in Washington, DC. They recently celebrated their third anniversary at AdvantEdge Business Centers West End office. Founded in 2009, DCC specializes in helping clients untangle what they are trying to say to decision makers, interest groups, and the media, and then supports them in the execution of effective strategies to deliver the message well.

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What Is Virtual Office Space?

By Gabrielle Jones on 05.21.13

What Is Virtual Office Space?

The concept of “virtual office space” has become an increasingly sought-after alternative for many businesses that are looking to establish their own unique, professional image in a more cost-effective manner.  At AdvantEdge Business Centers, our virtual office space packages offer many of the basic amenities that a growing business needs to thrive, including:

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Virtual Office Space for Startups

By Gabrielle Jones on 04.22.13

When making the decision to turn your business idea into a startup, there’s more to consider than just your concept. In a competitive city like Washington, DC, small business startups are popping up right and left, and it’s up to you to stay ahead of the pack in order to ensure the success of your growing company. That means having a professional image and maintaining a professional address and presence.

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Spring Cleaning

By Gabrielle Jones on 04.16.13


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What Are Executive Office Suites?

By Gabrielle Jones on 04.11.13

Wouldn’t it be great if offices came without the hassle of long-term leases and the expense of utilities, maintenance, and equipment? They do when you choose executive office suites. Executive office suites are fully-serviced office spaces operated by an independent company that are leased-out per office to other businesses, resulting in many companies sharing one office suite.

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D.C. Training Room Home to Listening Workshop

By Gabrielle Jones on 03.22.13

Downtown Training Room: Listening WorkshopEvery professional knows the importance of communication in the office, but we often neglect communication's unsung hero: listening. This week our new Downtown D.C. Training Room played host to the Listening: The Superhero of Communication workshop.

Facilitator Lou Hampton, a communications professional with 30 years experience and CEO of The Hampton Group, used our 50-person training room to its full potential, guiding a group of captivated tenants in our shared office space on a journey to realize their full listening potential. The state of the art training room takes meeting space to the next level featuring a projector, screen, two high definition televisions, and a sound system with a microphone for the speaker.

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What Is Class A Office Space?

By Gabrielle Jones on 03.11.13

If you have looked into leasing office space in the Washington, DC area, you have likely ran across the term “Class A,” but just what is Class A office space?

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