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Lee Rolandi

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Hosting Arbitration and Mediation in Shared Office Space

By Lee Rolandi on 10.08.14

A meeting is more than just a table and chairs. When you have to worry about hosting a meeting with special needs like a mediation or a confidential consultation, you want as much help as you can get with the execution. Issues of confidentiality, privacy, and maintaining a professional image all can derail the process if not handled properly, and that’s where shared office space can save the day.

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The Admin Support You Deserve, and the Help You Need Right Now

By Lee Rolandi on 09.16.14

Time is one of the most critical assets any business or organization can have. Whether you’re a legal or medical professional, working in a small or large organization, or even flying solo on your business endeavor, it’s important to understand how you can maximize your time and shield yourself from some of the administrative responsibilities that come with your day to day. Shared office space is a great way to get customized administrative support so that you can focus on the bigger tasks while others quickly and efficiently take care of the finer details that stand to get in your way.
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AdvantEdge Green Spaces Offer an Oasis by the Office

By Lee Rolandi on 08.06.14

As Summer slowly but surely comes to a close, most of us are looking to take advantage of the beautiful weather while we still can. One of the many wonderful assets that Washington, DC has to offer is its parks, open air accommodations, and green spaces for the outdoor enthusiast. You don’t need to be on vacation to get your fill of quality landscape, which is why all three of our AdvantEdge locations provide unique outdoor spaces for those summer days when you simply can’t sit in your workspace any longer.

Rooftop Views

Our L Street location boasts a rooftop patio-seating area with a stunning view of the surrounding downtown area stretching all the way to Rosslyn. With a capacity of 100 people, the rooftop can also be reserved in advance for special events whether it be a business meeting or a simple happy hour get together with your colleagues. Additionally, there is also an enclosed ground level patio should you prefer to get your fill of the outdoors in a shadier and more quiet atmosphere.

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How a Business Center Can Catalyze Growth

By Lee Rolandi on 05.13.14

As businesses of all sizes grow and develop over time, they experience many operational challenges. While a new startup may be looking to hire more staff or pursue more clients, a larger company may be seeking to branch out geographically by testing their marketability in a new city. In both cases, these organizations are looking to expand and will inevitably require more space and resources to accommodate their internal growth. Expanding your office, however, can be a time consuming process. But by choosing to work with an executive office space that offers all types of workspaces and support, the transition is seamless.

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Let Us Sweat the Details: We're Your Ideal Meeting Space

By Lee Rolandi on 04.22.14

Organizing and executing an important meeting or event for your company is no easy task. Finding an accommodating and accessible space, checking on its availability, and making sure it’s technologically equipped are just a few factors you have to consider but the devil is in the details. Taking advantage of an executive suite affords you the opportunity to work directly with experienced client service staff members to hammer out the finer details of your meeting so that you can focus directly on its content.

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Get the Most Out of Group Work: Meeting Space Matters

By Lee Rolandi on 04.03.14

Meeting and collaborating with your colleagues is an inevitable and potentially trying task. Ideas and opinions from multiple sources are being thrown around all at once in a sometimes chaotic mess of energy, creativity, and collaboration.

Whatever you are meeting to discuss, the most basic goal is a commonly shared one: a uniform negotiation with a positive and successful outcome for your project, task, or business. In the middle of these situations, it is important to keep everything as organized and focused as possible, and through picking the right meeting space alone, you are that much closer making that task successful for both you and your colleagues.

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